1. I am excited about what Isaiah is going to say about the kiss. I wish he would give Mady a fair chance. I also didn't like Sydney's hypocritical move to confront Isaiah about his kiss with Mady when she did kinda the same. I mean she didn't initiated the kiss, but went with it. The only real victim here is Mady and I hate it.

  2. I’m team Andy just for the drama he is bring to the show. Him and Zeta are producing this season and are doing a spectacular job.

  3. I agree with you. He should’ve been more transparent about his feelings to Mady and Isaiah, but I really think Sydney led him on. He wouldn’t have picked her otherwise. It seems like she was just loving the extra attention he was giving her and instead of telling him that she wanted to stay with Isaiah, she let it go on probably as a way to get a rise out of Isaiah and make him jealous, then when that backfired and he was kissing Mady, her tune changed real quick.

  4. I mean I’m not the biggest Sydney fan but I did feel like she said at one point to Andy that she was interested in Isaiah but also wanted to explore a thing with Andy.

  5. Yeah can’t say I am a fan of Sydney. She Definitely led Andy on and is doing nothing right to make either situation work, while both guys are actively pursuing her.

  6. I didn’t watch season 1, so idk if this happened in that season. But I was stoked to see my first “mr. Steal your girl” moment.

  7. It’s a show…don’t hate Andy, he’s young and clueless. I agree everyone should be honest, because they have literally only know each other weeks maybe. I feel Sidney is the one to blame. If she was only interested in Isaiah she would never have gone to even talk with Andy let alone kiss oh it was him…we saw the kiss it wasn’t short. She annoys me. I think she needs drama and a dude to pay attention to her due to drama.

  8. Meh, I'm not going to blame Sydney or give him a pass on his own actions. He's just a bit immature and perhaps a bit oblivious at times but that's on him not anyone else.

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