1. Every time Jesse goes “god bless America” 🚩🚩🚩🚩 and lmao did y’all see Timmy’s face when Jesse had to kiss everyone? Yeaa he said “ CUT the cameras DED A%S” . and respectfully I wanna bite zetas thighs 🌚🌝

  2. Omg I Love you. I saw this comment and I’ve never watched F boy island before, so decided to give it a shot just from the sound of it, and omg I’m hooked.. Clearly I’ve been living under a rock or maybe because I’m not American. I’m on binge watch mode so thanks once again.

  3. Y’all aunties were projecting mad hard on SERENITI! I TOLD YALL! I TOLD YALL! She agrees and sees it as a friendship couple and will move on! [CLOSED]

  4. I dare everybody to kiss each other for five minutes, then share their most revealing sexual secrets. Do this while holding hands with the two islanders you’d couple up with

  5. Courtney seems sweet but it's uncanny valley for me with all the work she's had done. Props to her but every close-up throws me off.

  6. I feel like her main preference are women and she hasn’t really dated or hooked up with men for a while and it shows.

  7. Felipe and Courtney will start [email protected] in a few days mark my words. They won’t even wanna wait lmao

  8. i agree. i liked the cast more in season 2 and 3 but i'm sure this season will still be good

  9. Some of these women are making me miss Shannon. That girl was a firecracker and this season they need someone desperately like her.

  10. That new guy that arrives tomorrow looks hot af, idk which girl like long blonde hair yet but time will tell lol

  11. I’ve been so deep in the current season of UK and tbh these islanders just all seem rly awkward. I hope they settle in soon lol

  12. I noticed that when she spoke to any of the guys… they barely get a word in. Also, has anyone noticed that Jesse just agrees with whoever is talking to him. 🤔

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