1. If you told me that Adam freaking COLLARD would be my favorite boy and the most respectful guy in love island I would have laughed you off - but here we are

  2. I mean I get what you are saying about the guys but Adam hasnt changed he even supposedly left a girl to be on the show so no matter what I cant support this bag of dicks

  3. Andrew/Tasha being safe in the next vote and Luca/Gemma in the bottom three would send me into some intergalactic orbit.

  4. Paige and Adam for the sole fact that I can’t stand the jacques apologists. I want tasha and Andrew in the finals though for the sake of Tasha’s mental health when she gets out of villa and sees the hate. At least she’ll then know they did have supporters.

  5. Imagine the final & tasha just sure she won’t be winning & then all of a sudden their announced as the winners.

  6. I hope they do individual voting and Luca is in the bottom three. I think a big part of his arrogant nasty behaviour towards some of the others is because he feels super emboldened by the public votes. He needs taking down a peg.

  7. Adam Collard rehabbed his image and gets to win the whole thing while preserving his thanos-like image by getting rid of Jacques, this is a masterclass

  8. I’m so glad Luca & Gemma and Indiyah & Dami are the lowest voted, truly this ep highlighted the worst of them and how much better the girls should be doing for themselves

  9. He was horrendous tonight 😭 I guess he was the best out of a horrific bunch and people like Tasha again

  10. Vile? Throughout? Less than a total of 8 mins of him really. Wonder how you got vile. Let's discuss 🤭

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