1. I personally think the best way to improve communication in a ldr is calling...a short call is sooo much more fulfilling than texting all day

  2. This is a week old comment but im just curious as how you guys started this routine in the beginning? It sounds so ideal to me. Was it something you communicated that you wanted or did it just naturally happen? Im 1 month into a 6 hr LDR and i feel we're lacking in communication but dont know how to bring it up! We both work from home so its not like its an impossible feat

  3. We try to have videocalls daily, before bedtime. We're 10 hours apart and so that occurs twice a day basically. Our calls are usually at least an hour long, much longer if we can make it. It never feels like we have enough time, even when coming off a six hour long video call we immediately start texting. We both are very high level communicators though, so your mileage may and probably will vary. We've been talking for over two years though, and still going strong!

  4. Yup, this sounds about right for us. Every single night we video call, and since he works the night shift we call in the morning right before I go to work. When we have free time on the weekends we are almost always on a discord call with or without friends, sometimes 12+ hours lol. We play video games and watch shows together if we dont have things to talk about. Unless one of us doesn't have access to a phone/internet we talk/text every single day. And it's clearly working haha, our 4 year anniversary is this week!

  5. I text with him every single day. But it’s not a 24/7 thing since we’re 7 hours apart. Besides that, we both have a life so we just text when we’re free and talk about whatever thing. Sometimes it’s been just a “morning-are you ok- goodnight “ thing but it’s okay for us. We call at least once a week or depends on our availability because when we call… we can spend hours talking or watching something.

  6. Exactly the same here. Texting every day, phone calls a few times a week when we can make it work with the time difference (calls which are never shorter than two hours, LOL!).

  7. We video chat everyday except for when he leaves for mandatory military training. And that's like 4 days every week. I miss when he wasn't in the military 🙂

  8. Me and my s/o call pretty much everyday. Everytime we're free, we hang out. For other people it might be too much, but for us it's perfectly fine. We stay in call most of the time unless we have job/college/etc.

  9. We text (all day, every day) - basically an endless stream. And have a standing weekly video chat dinner/movie date which is usually 5ish hours. Will have extra ones intermittently but the weekly one is very consistent

  10. We text at least once a day, usually more depending on what our days look like and a phone call/video chat once a week, sometimes twice a week.

  11. I work remotely, so I'm basically in a 24/7 WhatsApp call with my husband when I'm not with him IRL. Whatever is most comfortable for you and your partner is what's "right," though. :) Just talk it out with them, and see what works for both of you.

  12. It's really not a matter of what is a normal communication, it's about what you would like to receive..use this time to talk about what you like in relationships and what your expectations are; how often you like to be contacted, whether you like call or text, what your love language is...

  13. We’ve been dating for a couple months now and we communicate daily. We text daily (morning and goodnight) and at the end of our days, we video chat for about an hour, also daily. This is what works for us since we both have full time jobs and time zones.

  14. My gf and I talk and call every day. The only times I'm not on call is when I have to go to the province or ran out of data or if I have work.

  15. This question varies from couple to couple but I communicate with my boyfriend everyday. Instead of calling or texting, we send voice memos. It’s nice to listen to them on a short break, similar to a podcast and at the end of the night we give each other a call and talk more about our day or whatever comes to mind. Even if we have days where we don’t talk to each other, we let the other person know ahead of time

  16. A friend of mine and his LDR gf used to text very briefly every day but only really took time to speak or fully engage in texting a few times a week. They live together now so that worked for them!

  17. we talk almost every day over text and try to facetime at least a few days a week :) i met him irl for the first time in august, but in the future we’re trying to meet up 2-3 times a year until i can move to his state for grad school. (We’ve been together for almost 2 years now 💛)

  18. Serious question here. Is he the dominant masculine energy in the relationship? If so, you may want to express how you feel. Specifically say, I feel so good when you text me or when you call next time he says hi. Don’t say hi back just go into how you feel. I feel all warm inside when I hear from you. Or whatever..

  19. My girlfriend and I video-call for a couple hours twice a week. Usually on Wednesday nights and Saturday evenings. We sometimes text each other other times, but it's mostly video calls.

  20. I live in Canada my boyfriend lives in the US we video call inbetween classes we text constantly and we voice call while driving, I'm ngl I talk to him more than I did my ex who lived down a street, I think you guys should definitely try video calling especially before bed

  21. My boyfriend and I are semi long distance, same state different cities a couple hours apart. He wakes up early and goes to bed early for his job M-F. We text a little bit throughout, he’s not big on texting so messages are short. Sometimes we send memes or videos or selfies but not daily. We try to video chat or play video games a couple nights a week. Video chats can be anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour and a half. I generally like to talk more but we’re finding a balance as he’s introverted.

  22. We text each other when we can and we always make sure to do a video call for an hour or two. We are also 8 hours apart so we call each other to say goodnight if we can. Sometimes the video calls are difficult because I am in a setting with little privacy for the next 2 months and my internet is not the best but we always manage

  23. This question pops up so often here...we personally text whenever we can...when we're busy, of course it's a bit less, but we still talk a lot throughout the day... unfortunately, our schedules don't quite align, so we only get talk on the phone/video chat once or twice a week :) Since you're not "exclusively together" (and I guess even in general), I wouldn't worry about it too much, some days are just busier than others :)

  24. 2 years dating but we call every single day, it may be short calls sometimes or long calls but at least call everyday to know how we’re doing. Texting just doesn’t satisfy the same way as hearing your partner’s voice. Of course we do text but preferably we call along with a video call sometimes. ☺️ I know not everybody does this but we sleep on the phone for comfort as we got more serious.

  25. we text everyday not 24/7, Good mornings check in through the day. few texts before we sleep. We call at least once or twice a week depending on our weeks.

  26. Actually everyday. A few minutes here an hour there. Why not? I don't do long distance nor online but it would be what I would do.

  27. Me and my boyfriend sends long letter every weekdays since we’re both working and on different work schedules then we do video chat on weekends..

  28. My boyfriend and I have been long distance for over a year, and have been dating for 2 and a half. There's a 13 hour time difference between us, but we always try to make it work. We'd call in my morning, his evening after dinner, while I get ready for the day. Calling is so much better than texting in my opinion as I can hear him laugh and see his small little smirks and his side comments instead of just reading words. Sometimes, if we can't call we'll send photos instead of texts and videos on snap because it shows us how we are with little transparency as you can see and tell how they feel. It all depends on the couple itself and if you can it works through texting that's great! I just know this habit we've created works in our relationship and being able to see his facial reactions just reminds me of how much I love him.

  29. He calls me while he’s getting ready for work, we text throughout our work days, and then end up on the phone for anywhere from 2-6 hours in the evening. We haven’t missed a call in the entirety of our relationship. We only have a three hour time difference so that definitely helps.

  30. My boyfriend texted me each morning then called and talked to me on the phone 4-6 hrs per night. I am not saying this is the right amount, but he pursued me from day one. Until he steps up more, I would keep options very open.

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  32. All day, every day texting, except for when I’m working as I can’t have my phone with me at work. We have a small call every morning and FaceTime every night for at least 3 hours while gaming or chilling. Different things will work for different couples but we’re both very happy with our set-up. We spend 3-4 days together a month which is just not enough but we both have busy lives and kids.

  33. We text off an on all day. We are 3hours apart so our schedules aren't aligned. He's busy with his life and I'm busy with mine. I usually call when I get off work which I closer to bed time for him and we have a short call then. It works for us

  34. I feel LDR really requires a high amount of emotional maturity. Communication for us varies entirely week by week. We have a level of trust that I understand she may go out with her friends Friday and Saturday and we will catch up Sunday. Maybe a text here or there.

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