1. For real. You will see so much more about them after spending time in the same space. It’s better to not have a binding contract when you realize how much you don’t really love each other.

  2. Definitely. And several times. Not just one or two times. Has to be a lot more. Spending someone in person is so much different than on video no matter how much you talk!

  3. Crap. You're 27. And instead of buying a plane ticket and finally meeting up, you're thinking about proposing over the internet? Really?

  4. In my opinion a year is a sufficient amount of time, but not having never met them. In my circumstances we had only been together a yr when I asked her to marry me, but I had the opportunity to visit multiple times and spend weeks at a time with her.

  5. Yes 1 year is way too early no matter how good the relationship is going. Especially if you've never met. This just sounds absolitely crazy to me? Why are people to pressed to marry?

  6. I don’t think a year is too soon necessarily, but it’s the fact that you’ve never met. It’s important to be able to spend time together actually doing life and seeing if your lifestyles mesh well. Maybe you could do something like a promise ring to show the depth of your love, but not propose a marriage.

  7. Yes, please meet them in person and spend a little time with them. So many people can hide who they truly are behind a screen or even on the phone.

  8. As everyone else has said, it's not so much the time, it's that you've never met. Wait until you've spent a considerable amount of time together, and been together doing 'normal life' stuff, not just having a holiday together. You really have no idea how well your online chemistry will translate into offline - your partner may seem perfect, but until you've actually met you don't really know what they're like.

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