1. Emotional or actual cheating is a deal breaker. It is betrayal and evidence you aren’t enough for them. Know your worth, there is better out there

  2. Well that depends, are you okay with cheating lmao? It's a deal breaker for me and most people.

  3. Wtf, “many times”?! Why the hell are you putting up with that?! Dudes an absolute loser who needs to grow some balls. You should end it, you guys are so young, there’s plenty of people out there and you’re still going to be growing as a person mentally and emotionally. If he really wants to change, he can do it without you.

  4. My LDR partner cheated on me multiple times, and yes, because I’m dumb, I gave them a second chance. It’s hell, because everyday, every minute of the day, I would think if they’re cheating again with someone I know and it’s killing me, it’s so exhausting. My relationship is exhausting me now it triggers my migraine almost every day. Do you want this hell? Please save yourself. I know I’m not the best person to say this, but I’m just giving my two cents. Good luck

  5. Only you can answer that question for you and your relationship. If you do decide to forgive him and try you should reflect on if you can even fully forgive him. Lots of times we think we can but we can't. Either answer is ok, but you have to be honest with yourself. Forgiving is NOT the same as forgetting. Forgiving allows for you to move past the pain and trust again, forgetting would be like it never happened. Resentment is a relationship killer, and it also leads to abusive behaviors, and arguments over little things. If you will resent him then it's best to walk away.

  6. That question can really only be answered by you and I think you also need to consider his motivation behind fessing up after doing this multiple times.

  7. So coming from the horses mouth...when i was 18 i was in a long distance relationship. My very first serious relationship right out of high school. She was 6 years older than me and lived in England. She visited the states and yeah bliss. But when she went back to her country within six months i cheated. Partied like most typical 18 years old who wanted to experience freedom and all that jazz. I eventually told her and it broke her heart but she forgave me. I did it again and it wasn't against her to say "yeah i can do it and get away with it" no..it was more..."i needed to experience what 18 years old was like without the seriousness of a relationship" of course i told her we should take a break as i need to explore and she wasn't having it. I didn't cheat again after the second time. Only because i knew i had to grow up and i didn't want to hurt her. But, honestly it's hard being away from your lover and the need of physical contact comes into play. I am not making any excuses for my 18 year old self(I'm 36 now) but the questions to ask yourself, "do you want someone who doesn't know what they want?" And "what is his reasoning for cheating?" Some folks need that answer before making that hard decision to drop that person. Good luck. P.S. she and i are no longer together. We broke up two years after the incident.

  8. Because you’re not with him physically, you couldn’t know if he’s cheating or not. All trust is now broken, so how could you trust him if he says he’s not? How would you ever really know?

  9. I can see your comments about him "not doing it again". I promise you he will. Please save yourself the heartache later. It'll suck for a little bit now, but it will be okay <3

  10. He only just going to continue cheating on you. I’m really sorry you have been cheated on. You didn’t deserve that. I can sympathize for you. I’m not that Much older than you but when I was your age, I was dating this guy that cheated on me Multiple times. I told him that if he ever did it again that we would be done and you know what, he did it again! I caught him hitting multiple girls up like 😍😍😍. He was also abusive towards me and I ended up breaking up with him for other reasons.

  11. If you don't leave him, neither of you will learn from this. He won't learn not to do it, and you won't learn not to tolerate it.

  12. Oh okay I absolutely get the sexting part, but could you give me an example for being emotionally involved? Is it like having feelings for them? Bc. I mean we all (hopefully) still have friends outside of the relationship

  13. Friends are normal and healthy. If you're having conversations with other people that are "giving you butterflies" or conversations that you know would make your partner really uncomfortable though, I'd say that's where it'd count as emotional cheating.

  14. I’m sorry to hear this. But it sounds like he broke your trust. Even if you forgive him, I think you will always wonder if he will do it again… It might be time for a new start. distance is hard

  15. If he’s done it multiple times, I’d say it’s beyond repair. No one can make this decision except you though and I won’t pretend to know what you’re feeling

  16. All of the important things have been said here. I was married to a cheater, I tried to save the relationship anytime, but the cheating continued. Life is short, find someone who is all into you and you are all into them, you deserve a relationship where you are the focus.

  17. Geezus, where do you find girls who stay faithful and actually want to stay with you after you've cheated not once, but multiple times... ! Cuz that means if you were actually also faithful, that would be almost a perfect relationship. Kinda like you know, prince and princess or something.

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