1. Congrats!!!!! Does it feel as amazing as i think it does? We’re closing the gap later this year and I’m so nervous and excited!!!

  2. thank you! and yes--100%! no more somber departures!! also, big congrats to you and your partner as well! very happy and excited for you! :))

  3. Congratulations im happy for yall! How did you guys make the decision to move together btw? Won’t be able to move together with my partner for at least 5 years due to school oof.

  4. we started making future plans to move in together as my school career started coming to a close! i specifically searched for jobs in his state of residence and was lucky enough to land something, so we'll both be working near each other. the decision was very easy to make since we both showed ways in which we were committed to our LDR. :)

  5. Congrats! How did y’all do it? I’m looking towards 8 years of long distance starting next semester. Does it get easier?

  6. the ease definitely fluctuates 😅 sometimes it’s totally more harder to bear than others, but it’s never impossible! just lots and lots of patience and communication:) i think it does get more tolerable once you find a working routine for you and your partner to spend some quality time together through the distance. 8 years is awhile but it'll make it even more worth it for you two!! wishing you all the best and sending lots of support ♥️

  7. of course!! 😇 the pursuit wasn’t always easy and there were definitely very straining times, but lots of communication, compromise, and patience got us through our adversities! knowing each other’s love languages is also very important as the distance limits ways in which we show affection. and find slots in your schedules to spend quality time together! (we like to watch movies together using extensions like teleparty on netflix, playing online multiplayer games together, or even just having short calls when we’re both really busy!) remember that nothing is ever insurmountable if both you and your partner are willing and committed! best wishes and i hope all works out for you! 🌸

  8. Congratulations! Lovely pic you guys look so happy. Wishing you both the very best. Also, I find this so inspiring. I’m sure lots of other people will feel motivated by this too - shows that it is possible and will happen for many of us, it will be so worth the wait.

  9. yay!! i am so immensely glad that our experience can serve as a token of inspiration for so many others in a LDR 😊 thank you for your kind words and we too wish you the utmost best! ♥️

  10. Congrats!! Me and my boyfriend are moving in next week after online dating for about 4 months and having met irl a couple times last month.

  11. yippee!! that’s so awesome to hear—good luck with the move-in process and i’m so very excited for the both of you! 🫶🏼

  12. Congratulations! That’s so amazing. Not sure when we will close our long distance gap (hopefully in the next few years) but this makes me very happy and hopeful ❤️

  13. thank you so much for your cordial words! we’re rooting for you and your partner; hoping you two can close the distance asap! 😊 good luck and best of wishes!!

  14. honestly it’s taken several years of me trying to establish healthy coping skills and sometimes i still fall short. 😅 it’s especially worse when you’re going through tough times and the option of seeing your partner isn’t on the table. i’ve resorted to cathartic means like journaling, or keeping myself busy with hobbies/chores/school/other relationships. really just reinforcing independent tasks to help ease the mind. :)

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