1. Through an MBTI whatsapp group. He always sounded super rude and I thought he's a total jerk. But one time I was really down and jokingly asked if anyone from the group wants to voice call. I wasn't intending to actually call anyone but he then called, I picked up, and we talked for an hour or so. And yeah, it's been almost two years since that happened and I'm super glad I picked up his call. :)

  2. Funny story - met my man on Tinder. I’m Finnish and he is German. Two weeks before that he purchased Tinder gold FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR. Well, then he didn’t need it anymore ofc, he said it was money badly and well spent at the same time😁

  3. Tinder, when we both lived in South Korea. He left a few months later and we did LD for 10 months, then I moved to be with him. Closed the distance late 2015 and got married 2018 but i still like reading this community :)

  4. among us lol. joined the server because he said he loved my name, started to get to know me while we waited for the server to fill up then he played as my security guard for a couple rounds thennn we took it to discord

  5. 17 years ago at a language school. Went on one date and i had to go back to my country. Talked on AIM for a few months, recognized soul mate potential. We were both in relationships and stopped talking. Our relationships are done and we got in touch six months ago. 700+ zoom hours, and a vacation together and we're having an amazing time ...

  6. World of Warcraft (Classic to be specific!) I love my pocket warrior! A few other wow friends/acquaintances met through it too haha! One recently went from Dublin/Poland to Finland to meet her lovely warlock :3

  7. Being one of the only adults over 20 playing Roblox kinda brought us together. (Though he rather we lie about what game or where we met bc it’s embarrassing 😂) I was going through a lot mentally and not sleeping so I made my way into his timezone of normal playing hours. He was actually waiting for another girl while we talked for hours and went to cancel on her to keep talking to me. This was the end of February 1st of this year and the rest is history 💕

  8. On a dating sub I stumbled upon. I reached out to him first thinking nothing would come out of it but here we are have known each other for a year and been dating for 7months.

  9. I posted searching for new connections in one of the dedicated subs (I forget which one) and my partner slid into my dm's as a response.

  10. Valorant! She spoke at like the last second because she didn’t know if I was gonna give her shit like everyone else does. Played another match, got her discord and snap, and just caught real feelings over getting to know her. Just a tip of advice because it sounds like you are thinking about it… Don’t let anyone tell you off if you want to be in a long distance relationship! Being in the relationship I am in right now… is the best fucking decision I’ve ever made :)

  11. Tandem 😂 we were trying to practice languages, it was in may 2020, so we had a lot of free time to know each other. We will finally close the gap on may 🤞

  12. We met online as children in a chat room, this was about like 14-15 years ago by now. We have been married for 2 years in October!

  13. Tumblr! We met when I was 13 and he was 16 and became really close friends but didn’t actually start dating until we both became adults (I’m 22 now) and matured enough, we’d lost contact over the years since then but we found our way back to each other and found that our feelings for each other never completely faded away.

  14. Met in a Twitch stream. Became good friends with him and his roommate. Went to visit them as friends and things just went from there. We're married now.

  15. Twitter. We both posted in the same thread and were chatting back and forth. We followed each other and were friends for a long time before I realized I loved him.

  16. Twitter might as well be a dating app. I've heard so many successful love stories that started there🥺

  17. on instagram! i was running my friend’s ‘aesthetic’ page and he had a meme page. he messaged me and the rest is history!

  18. Met my girlfriend through a CSGO match and I always talk about it because of the odds of it, she was in a 4 stack and I was solo queuing and after that, we've been dating for almost a year now

  19. I posted a pic of myself in the free compliments subreddit, right after my divorce went through. And he sent me a dm, and an award. I guess he thought I was cute. We started chatting, turns out he is in Israel, and I've been there on a college trip, so we had something to talk about. We instantly clicked, and have been video chatting since then, every single day. I love him so much! He is perfect for me. 😊

  20. Met in high school, work at mcds. Dated for a month, but broke up because she wasn't available to see often and I wanted more. Kept in touch and stayed friends, saw each other throughout college, but we each had our own relationships and lives.

  21. Vrchat! He was the second person I had met there and from the first day we started talking for hours and hours and here we are :)

  22. through a writer's forum for homeschoolers in high school :) we stayed friends for years during/after high school and eventually admitted the feelings we'd been harboring since 11th grade

  23. Tandem! I was learning Spanish and wanted someone to practice with and he was learning English and wanted someone to practice with 😇 he came to visit me in the US from Chile after 5 months

  24. He was on exchange in my country and we met on tinder. He needed a tour guide, I know this city like the back of my hand. We fell for each other on our first date which ended up being 7 hours long. We spent the rest of his time here together all the time. Even after breaking up, dating other people, and getting back together, I think this man is my soulmate. We’re working towards closing the distance. I get so giddy thinking about him :):)

  25. We played on a Minecraft server together for five years, since we were 12. I gradually got to know her, we started voice calling, then video, then we decided to date. Met up in November and really glad I decided to take the chance.

  26. We met on good ole' Tinder🤣♥️ Hundreds of Km away but that never stopped us from seeing each other♥️ After matching with hundreds of guys..I finally found someone who clicked so well with me!! It's crazy how we have so much in common and our thoughts are even in sync sometimes 😅♥️

  27. World of warcraft..dated for 5 years and after almost a year of filing k1 visa I'm finally in the US with my fiance :D

  28. We both wrote fanfiction for The Owl House. I read one of her fics, commented on it because it was amazing and she replied to my comment. Then, a little while later, we joined the same discord group meant for other writers in the fandom, started dming and the rest is nerdy, sapphic history.

  29. I was dating his best friend who was abusive. And he was the only guy I was allowed to talk to. He comforted me and told me and made me feel so happy. Finally broke things off with my ex (only with him for 3 months) and started dating his friend (my now boyfriend) after. We’ve been together for Nearly a year

  30. Instagram haha. I had an account that I used to vent about my emotions and feelings when I felt like my friends didn't understood me (I was a lovely cringy 16 year old 😂) and he messaged me over there😊

  31. We met on Tinder when I wanted to delete the app, we matched. Then the lockdown happened and we had to wait 3 months to finally meet each other, since he went back to his country (he was doing an Erasmus in mine). Now we’re doing LDR since September, it’s quite hard

  32. One of my best friends introduced us. I work third shift and she lives in Australia so I'd come home from work in the morning to play games for a couple hours before bed. She met him while I was at work and had him in the party to play together when I got home. Instant connection and now I'm going to New Zealand to meet his family in july🥰

  33. Reading through these comments makes me feel old. She was an exchange student to my grad school 40 years ago. We sat next to each other in an anatomy tutorial. I handed her a piece of cirrhotic liver preserved in formalin in a plastic bag. Real romantic stuff.

  34. We met on Omegle. What was supposed to be a joke has turned into the relationship of my dreams. He's literally my dreams come true. I don't say it often and I know I should, but I'm so grateful for that man! He truly brings out the best in me and makes me wanna be a better person. Ngl I'm teary as I write this because of how loved he makes me feel.

  35. A small Discord server for Fortnite. Then we played a few games together and hit it off almost instantly! 🥰

  36. End of October 2020, I was staying iver at a friend's place overnight, it was 3:33AM, I was listening to music and I got a discord notification, it was from a stranger (now boyfriend of 6 months), he was really sweet, chatted me up out of accident actually, was trying to DM someone else but messaged me.

  37. mbti discord! he saw my introduction and mustered the courage to message me, and well.... 5 months later... (we've been dating for 4 months) we're still together!! We really hit it off pretty much immediately, like the level of connection we felt was as if we had known each other for *so long*. We had *so many* long, deep and meaningful conversations by text and just, before I even realised I liked him, he confessed to me, and well, the rest is history really!!! The first time we voice chatted was, nerve-wracking, but..... god, it was amazing and he was so cute, and though I couldn't completely understand him sometimes (he has a beautiful accent) it's amazing that the more I've talked to him, the better I've understood what he says, and just, he makes me so happy, sorry this is turning into a rant but holy shit I couldn't be more grateful to have this man in my life. We bond over our musical instruments and.... We are going to meet at the end of this year and I couldn't be more excited to finally meet him!!!! He's coming to visit me!!!

  38. he was my bestfriend's crush.. obviously ended up losing my friend for this relationship but i rly had no choice given the circumstances. Now after almost a 2 years of me "stealing the guy" i can say it was worth it hahah altho i do miss her very badly sometimes. U probably think i was the bitch there, i didnt "steal" him intentionally i would never do that to a friend i can defend myself and clarify some details if you wanna hear abt it! And probably tell me if i was the asshole in the whole story?

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  40. Me and my girlfriend met our freshman year of high school, we were in the same world history class and we didn’t know each other that well. I added her on snap one day and my good friend said I should send her a bitmoji, but one of the lovey ones you can send, as a dare and I did. So she sends one back and it becomes our thing where we sent them back and forth and she grew feelings for me and I did for her, after we told each other we did I told her we should at least get to know each other a bit better and we did. Some time goes by and she tells her friend to message me to ask her out (which I was already gonna do) I was really nervous to do it so I did it on Snapchat while I was on my bus about to go home and while she was at softball practice. She said yes and the day after we pretty much instantly became best friends, we went on a date after school to Tim Hortons (New Yorks version of Dunkin’ Donuts) and we’ve been dating ever since obviously. We’ve been doing long distance for most of our relationship and call everyday. The moral of this story, your significant other can be anyone so never be afraid to take a chance 😌😌

  41. twitter! someone i followed, followed him and retweeted some of his selfies. i thought he was crazy cute and and thought “what’s the worst that could happen” and dmed him :)

  42. Through Discord (around 2017, I feel like a veteran saying that), in a server by a mutual friend. Been dating since October 23rd, 2017, and hope to meet soon!

  43. I was in Japan that time to visit my dad and grandma for a month. He was in Japan for 10 days, we met through the bee app but he was very far from my location (Tokyo —> Kobe (me)) and he only had 3 days left. That was 3 years ago! In 2 months I will meet him in person for the first time in Romania ❤️

  44. Reddit! I happened to see his most upvoted comment and decided to check out his profile. I sent him a DM and now we're meeting at the end of May! ☺️

  45. Wattpad, I'm surprised of all places there as he messaged me out of nowhere but we've transitioned to other apps to talk on like Skype and WhatsApp. Ever since then we've been together for 6 years!

  46. We had a mutual friend we both played war thunder with. He loves planes and I love planes. We started talking, now we have a lovely relationship and I couldn’t be happier.

  47. We met in November on Reddit I saw his snoo which I jokingly messaged him saying it was hot and if we’d wanna be friends, we fell in love spending so much time together online, and been together since December :)

  48. twitter. me and my partner were both active roleplay accounts. we mutually had a crush on a guy, and when we tried to be polyam, fell for each other wayyy harder than we expected. said mutual crush is long gone from our life tho

  49. We end up being friends on Tinder. At first I wasn’t really interested in getting to know someone in a relationship aspect. Until unexpectedly I added he’s psn account since he like to assume he’s better at “Star wars battlefront” so we played a match together, talked for hours and share the passion on things we both was interested to know more about each other. Two years later we’re two peas sharing the same Pod .

  50. i met him on talklife .. it a community for poeple with anxiety and depression, you can join as helper or as someone who needs help ,he was majoring in psychology in college and he thought he might really help poeple .. i was mmmm looking for a safe community to make friends .. and talk life is relatively lower on creeps stats.. i come from a reserved family ..am arab and muslim and i was 23 and i never had a relationship.. and well .. i was stuch in an arranged engagment were the guy doesnt like me .. while i loved him since we were kids .. i was soo over him but it was one of those days were i felt “am i really that hard to love ? “ and he had a post on something related to this .. so i commented he privatly messaged me .. he was a gentle man .. i guess we texted back and forward all day , and the day after and the week after .. and we just slowly fell in love with each other .. i never knew i could love someone this much

  51. We both play this old pixelated rpg from the 90s called Furcadia. Someone introduced me to the group he was hanging out with in the game and he was sassy and I liked it.

  52. i posted something on reddit a year ago about looking for some online friends (those redditor for redditor kinds of subreddits) and then my bf ended up messaging me for fun and he said i made his heart skip a beat (?) when we were talking or when he heard me sing i forgot which one lol (he told me this insanely later in the relationship) and all the time he was thinking that he wasn't gonna let me go or something haha

  53. We met in high school, became acquainted, and then actually became friends after HS. Couple of years later, here we are! We figured it out eventually. Turns out at least one teacher and multiple peers wanted us to date lol

  54. A friend moved from the US to Germany. He games so I played with him. My friend randomly called me one morning and told me his friends back in the US wanted to meet me & play with me, so I got out of bed to turn my computer on. My boyfriend was one of the guys online at the time. We started talking more and more & eventually went for it :) Still going strong almost 2 years later

  55. 8 years ago in high school in India through mutual friends. He started dating a friend of mine and I was in a relationship at the time. We were friendly because we had a lot of mutual friends. Fast forward 4 years ago, we both had come out of respective relationships and reconnected. He lives in the US and I in Europe. Many hours, weeks, months of Facebook Messenger chats and calls later we decided to get together ❤️

  56. We were in a mutual shitposting group on Facebook “I mean it’s not the weirdest thing that’s made me horny” … it sounds perverse but really it’s a bunch of us laughing at sex memes. Anyways. There’s a group chat associated with it and I’d been in it a while. Then one day my guy joined right as we happened to be sending voice notes and he sent one and I had NO clue through our group interactions that he was a Brit (and boy do I have a thing for the accents 🥵🤣). We flirted in the group chat like a few hours and geeked out over nerdy things like a shared love of geology, dinosaurs, astronomy, conceptual physics, debate and then moved over to DM’s and it’s literally history from there. He said he knew like 2 days in (despite being Anti-LDR his entire life) that he didn’t care what he thought he believed in, he just knew he was meant to be in my life. I felt the exact same way, it fell into place so easily and comfortably. So 7 months later here I am, working my 4am shift on a Saturday while listening to him snore on the other end of FB messenger because we can’t stand to be apart 🤣 he’s my best friend and I can’t wait to meet him and start our forever.

  57. I was sleeping over at my friends house. He had to work and I was bored so I went on Omegle, but only text. There I talked to a girl, she added me on snap and a few days after talking she became my girl. That happened 3 almost 4 years ago now.

  58. Through a dating app. I started using it some time after another relationship had ended and felt ready to start dating again. I was actually looking for someone in my own countrym but got very little to no response whatsoever. Turned out the app had people from all over the world on it, and I found someone amazing in Peru.

  59. Civil Air Patrol. Both were attending a two week event out of our home state and didn’t meet until the plane ride home. Few months later we started dating cities apart spending every other month visiting each other. Couple years later we got married. Wild story lol

  60. Well I have this app on my phone called Mixlr. It is a radio type app thing where people can live stream audio. I used it to listen to some podcasts I am a fan of. I was bored at work one day and was looking through Mixlr for something to listen to. I was looking through the comedy section and just clicking randomly. I ended up in his show and enjoyed it. I listened in every day for two weeks. It is an interactive show and sometimes he would have conversations with the people in chat. It was weird but it eventually progress to him adding me on Facebook. A few weeks later we were dating. But what was the weirdest part of it all is that I felt drawn to him. Like from the very beginning. Before I even knew what he looked like or anything about him. There was something telling me him and I would be fast friends. I honestly never would have considered long distance prior to meeting him. Now it has been two months. Idk what the future holds but I think even if we break up we will always be a part of each other’s lives

  61. Through discord! I'm the owner of a server, they joined back early in 2020. We always enjoyed each others vibe, and we had friends in common but didn't really start talking properly until the end of 2020. Through 2021 we became best friends, and by the end of 2021 we were dating.

  62. In all honestly, I think people should meet in real life, and then if a LDR is necessary to bridge the gap okay. Just because you don't have succes in the offline world doesn't mean you try your luck finding an online SO. It means that you must invest in yourself.

  63. In her words, she started stalking me from Instagram around 2019, only got the courage to ask out around august of last year, we've been dating since. From my perspective, I came out rude to her while talking previously to the romantic dialogues, because I didn't wanted a long distance relationship, but I fell for her, HARD.

  64. Discord. He joined a year ago in our server. I was inactive when he joined but was able to play Among Us a couple of times with him. I became active again around October and we would hang out almost everyday until everyone started to tease us. We didnt know that we liked each other. We're dating for 4 months now and I know we're onto something good.

  65. We met at college, which was really nice to get to know him in person in the beginning. But now we've been long distance since 2019. It's been about 3 months since he last visited and I miss him so much!!

  66. of all places, on Yubo, which led to me inviting her to a group chat i made with people i met from yubo, to then becoming group chat husband and wife, to then actually dating at the end of 2020, so now a year and 4 months later, safe to say i’m pretty happy i was in yubo

  67. Really long story but I can spark note it lol. In 2020 before Covid we went to a conference in DC for a mental health club we both were officers in at our colleges. My schools in new Jersey and hers is in Pennsylvania. I saw her three times that day but got scared to talk to her. Finally the third time she tried to stop my friend but I stopped instead and brought her up to play games in my friends room with her roommate. We started talking and instantly clicked together. Fell in love right then in there well I did lol. My roommate was close to a guy and I felt uncomfortable so I asked his roommate if I could sleep with him and she heard and said I could come to her room. So we went up there and went to sleep cuddling and that was it. We’ve been together 2 years now. At a point she went home so we were nj to Illinois but now we are pa to nj

  68. We met here on Reddit 😳thing is though, the way we met is something I think I’d hide for now cus then it would mean me spilling things I’ve done.

  69. Basically we met each other as VIPs on this chat of a certain streamer friend of ours. He's British and I'm Filipino and we have this word in my language that's called "init" which is similar in pronunciation to the British "innit".

  70. A discussion forum that I've been a member of since 2004. He joined in 2015. We didn't really know each other well or start talking much until 2018. Two years of friendship and then we became A Thing in May 2020.

  71. We met on a mobile game app called rise of kingdoms! We both did data pulls for our kingdom and hit it off over an excel spreadsheet, lol. We've been together a little over a year now.

  72. Lol Tinder. He drunk texted me and asked me if I was up for a call and rest is history. Been together for 3 years now, first live in for a year then LDR because covid and uni.

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