1. I also did not receive a gift. He did however offer to play a video game together - but I did go all out n had a cookie cake delivered to his home and a Valentine’s Day card made and mailed to him.

  2. Yeah. I hoped to receive something, anything, like a love paragraph or doing any activity together. We didn't. I sent him a paragraph and I drew him something but I ended up not sending it because I was so hurt by how we didn't do anything. I had clearly talked about how it's an occasion that matters to me, how I prepared him shit. He said he forgot. So yeah it kinda hurts. :/

  3. We don't really exchange gifts unless we're in person, but I did hope for a phone call. Instead I got asked if I was doing anything special to treat myself. I can treat myself any day of the week so while the sentiment was nice, it was not what I hoped for.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear, and I didn’t receive a gift from my bf either :( It was literally a normal day except for texting each other happy Valentine’s Day. I’m pretty sad and a little hurt but I hope he pulls through for our 1 year anniversary next month.

  5. Yeah nothing which i wouldn't have minded except he made a huge deal about valentines day about a month ago. I'm pretty pissed to say the least. Its not so much a present it's just why say you're going to make it special and then do absolutely nothing 🤷‍♀️

  6. Yes I have!! I also told him how I’d like flowers while I was visiting him. I visited last month and never got the flowers. 🥲 and since last month I told him about the flower coupon, i said “maybe you can use it for valentines day” I thought he would get the message 🥲

  7. I sent her cards through the mail and wished her a happy Valentine’s Day, but I didn’t get anything in return. I tried to call her twice at different times of the day and she didn’t respond. This holiday is one of my favorites and I ended up crying myself to sleep.

  8. He called me since last night and texted and the whole sweet nothings about valentine's day and I even pointed if he was going to mail me a postal card and he completely ignored. Now my mother is mocking about it and saying bullshit like how he is not a good person and that is not the right one for me. I'm fucking tired.

  9. Not even a message just made a play on our game though virtually ignored me all day. I’m pretty much over him anyway so it’s his loss really.

  10. We texted how we appreciate one another, thankful for each other, etc. i called him tonight and we chatted before me heading to bed. We’re both busy people (school, work) so we don’t text all day or talk for hours. No gifts, it’s not the end-all-be-all for me. I’m a words of affirmation person for sure.

  11. We don’t send gifts but we didn’t do anything special either I hoped to watch a movie together but he was tired and our call was really short the day felt like noting special even though I thought he liked this day a lot because he talked about it a lot in the beginning of this year🙁

  12. Uhm I didn't get anything but I also know that valentine's for us is nothing special. We both have the same opinion that it is so commercialised and he is the kind of guy to do things throughout the year instead of a specific day. I haven't minded at all as I prefer his thinking and he is very attentive towards me

  13. He's here. Life has been hectic. Our gift to each other was splitting take out so we didnt have to deal with people much and binging a TV show.

  14. like someone said here, we dont really give gifts through the distance but in person. we both dont really mind it cause we value spending time more than gifts. we dont place too much expectations on holidays when we are diatant. just the fact that i was able to spend time with him and watch a show and call made my valentines day nice ☺ and that was more than enough for me

  15. I haven't got anything yet, but his letter should come either today or tomorrow. We both don't really need any gifts, but since gift giving (not receiving) is my love language, I got him a little parcel with letters,drawings and sweets which arrived Saturday already. I wouldn't have minded if I would've gotten nothing, I didn't expect anything tbh. Personal time is more important to us both.

  16. Yep but we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. If we did, we would tell each other and make sure we’re both on the same page about our expectations that we’ll be exchanging gifts.

  17. After I gave my girlfriend my gifts, she told me she would need a few more days for it to be finished. I have no idea what it is, but she sent me a spicy picture in the meantime. I'm content.

  18. I don't celebrate holidays really. First time I ever did anything in a while, I just talked to her like normal and got her a gift.

  19. When you keep dropping hints that you want something specific most men become annoyed as it ruins any possible surprise since you pushed so hard to get it.

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  21. Didn't get a gift. Not even a call or text! His phone is broke so he says and I haven't heard from him in 2 weeks. I don't know if I should say it's safe to say he left me or his phone really is broke and he have no way of contacting me 🤔🤔

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