1. They definitely have a nice soft look to them, good captures mate. Outdated digital cameras will have a renaissance in a few years similar to film/vhs/vintage lenses.

  2. I’m already starting to see old handycam’s with 360p or 480p recording go up in value. There’s a growing demand for that 2000’s vintage look as kids who grew up during it get older.

  3. Honestly sad my thought. That kind of overexposed, hazy grain reminds me of certain film. They meet a certain aesthetic for sure.

  4. I have an iPhone SE from 2016, if it's evening or I zoom in too far it gets really grainy. My friend called it a "vintage camera" and made me laugh, but I guess with how much phone cams have advanced since then it really is.

  5. i took these on a nokia 130, 2017 model! posted its pics here after transferring from the sd card to commemorate its journey with me because the phone's controls died recently

  6. thank you so so much for the compliments! i used a 2017 model nokia 130, dunno if it's still being produced but i loved it so much! the said phone broke recently tho so im posting its journey here!

  7. somehow you got the location right! the place sure looks apocalyptic as hell due to multiple areas being neglected/abandoned since maintenance fees are never enough for a massive high school :[

  8. Where you go to school? Chernoybl? Jokes aside the pics look great and give off a found footage horror vibe. Kinda looks like that one mission in MW tho lmao

  9. Old cameras, are great for liminal spaces. Such low res, soft focus and very deatil/textures give a very dreamy and interesting look.

  10. Shots 2 and 3 are especially great. The lines in shot 2 really complement the composition with the stairs and the light reflecting off the ceiling and the blurriness add a dreamy surrealness

  11. Idk why but the lighting and the area you taking photos make pretty and comforting even. Like idk it looks like a nice place to chill, inviting even.

  12. it really is a nice place to chill out! these are my irl school halls and i love hanging out there :] thank you for the compliments!

  13. They look like from a film camera, not an old digital camera. Dynamic range is way too high, unless they were heavily edited. Old shitty digital cameras had a lot of color noise and weird tints. Most probably fake but Id like to be proven wrong.

  14. i really want to question myself how come a nokia could take these as well, but maybe its because the poor thing fell into the water multiple times along with getting broken apart + put back time after time that it got the weird effects ;(((i can pm proof of my nokia phone if you need! and if it helps, its a 2017 model nokia a130!

  15. thanks a lot for the compliment :] im posting more of these pictures from the phone's sd card here later! it's been through a lot of things and the posts are to commemorate its journey!

  16. I actually think you most likely did expect them to turn out this way. What other way would the expectation be?

  17. Love those soft lights and textures from old camera. It gives a different vibe, gives that nostalgia effect. A trip to memory lane. Vintage ♥️

  18. Dang these are nice. Also more of nostalgia than liminal space for me. My family has so many photos like this. Early mornings, excited young parents in a new country. Every morning was a blessing and an opportunity. Pretty photos

  19. Last pic, rooftop stairs, that place would have been a great smoking spot for the gang. Given of course that all are in legal age and no SCP is hunting us.

  20. I remember when we move into another workshop during my apprenticeship. The New build workshop feels strange it had so many corners you don't know what Lay behind and also the design of the building like it wasn't suited for a workshop but move for an office building

  21. If you go in the other building you have a Caféteria and if you go upstairs there is a corridor with rooms but the are not always connected with the corridor but more like this. You go in one room and then on the other side of the room there is another room.

  22. Those old mobile phone cameras always had this awesome look. I feel like the low-quality, grainy nature adds that nostalgic look.to anything you're taking a picture of. I will never throw away my old phones just because of this. You can't fake this feel, you can only get it with the real hardware.

  23. I have 4 or 5 old phones with slide-out keyboards, feature phones with cameras. I wonder if they'd be good for this. I should check on them to see how they're doing. So much old technology just sitting around.

  24. It was 2007, one hot June day. You had talked to your high school crush earlier today and it made your week. It was the end of day, lessons had ended, as you retrace your steps you walked with that other girl a year ago. Soon, it would be graduation and you wonder what is next

  25. I don’t wanna prod but like which country do you live in, this doesn’t look like a school you’d see in North America

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