1. My dog has very high levels of obedience training but also hates other dogs. The result is he will completely ignore other dogs until they are within five feet of him.

  2. Seems like it's often dogs with little or no recall ability who are walked inappropriately off leash. If you can't call your dog back to you when needed, keep them attached to you! I don't care how many other skills your dog has, if you can't call them back reliably, you need to keep training them.

  3. No one trains good behavior into their fru fru dogs. Down my street there are lots of old people with fru fru dogs that set the entire street off when I walk my dog. My across the street neighbor’s dad with one moved in recently, and probably because the creature can’t get along with the other dogs in the household, he often keeps it tied up in the open garage where it absolutely loses its mind whenever me and my dog dare step outside my door. Making a racket until we are far out of sight.

  4. My gfs co worker got a puppy a while ago and we ended up watching her for a week. This dog had training what so ever and had been spoiled to the point of wilful disobedience. Dog has severe separation issues and if left alone will destroy whatever room she's left in. Basic commands are a must for all dogs. Sit. Come. Stay. Just those 3 commands at the least.

  5. As a big do owner, this works for me. I am usually the one who moves out of the way. For the times there are no places to move, my dogs have been trained that they cannot engage with people on walks unless the person engages them. They are good about it as long as the person isn't on a skateboard or running. With those, I move way out of the way no matter what. I think its the speed, but something sparks my dogs interests with runners and skaters.

  6. My dog is not very friendly to strangers and this is perfectly fine. If we are passing someone I always have him walk next to me on the opposite side of whoever we are passing. If for whatever reason we need more space I’ll cross the street, step into the grass, etc. it’s not on others to make room for us. Like you, if I’m walking without my dog and I am passing someone with a dog I’m not going to go out of my way to give tons of space unless they seem like they don’t have good control.

  7. I have had dog owners flat out tell me from a distance to make space because their dog could be a jerk. I didn't mind at all and took it as a reciprocal courtesy.

  8. Thank you! OP is just as bad an owner as the rest if they believe people should avoid their dog instead of them being responsible to avoid people.

  9. I won't cross the street, but I'll take a step aside, or walk in a large semi-circle around someone with a dog. 99% of the time, they'll walk by no big deal.

  10. I've encountered all types of dogs while walking around. The ones you should absolutely avoid being within a close distance of will let you know before you even get to that point. just cross the street or create as wide a berth as possible.

  11. I hate when kids see my dog and go “oh cute puppy” and approach him. My dog is a rescue that was beat by his male owner and pushed down the stairs by the kids, no training has made him better around men or children. I’m sad that he actively snarks at kids who come close. I actively avoid them at all costs.

  12. I was hiking recently and stopped for lunch when a loose dog ran right up to us, I picked up my toddler because although the dog seemed friendly I'm not taking any chances, and the dog helped itself to half our lunch. The owners got there a solid minute later saying "oh sorry, didn't see you there!" Which of course you didn't if you're walking a couple of hundred metres after your dog..

  13. See it all the time on trails. Half are unaware owners, the other are just assholes that think they are special.

  14. I’ve had off leash dogs eat half my lunch too. I’ve also been bitten and chased while I’m on my mountain bike. I’ve seen countless fights between different dogs as well. I’m to the point where I think the only answer is a blanket dog ban on most trails.

  15. They suck, like oh well it's no big deal my dog just ran up and jumped in your car boot or stuck his nose in your picnic food or jumped at your toddler.. Especially the owners who don't even say sorry, they act like this place is for walking dogs, so it's your fault for being here. Way too many people like that. I've stopped even trying to take my toddler for picnics in places with dogs

  16. Just had my first “he’s a good dog” experience on the trails last week. Dumbass owner was sitting in the middle of the trail and his dog started growling and nipping at my feet (herd dog - some kind of collie). I was able to move slowly away without incident but imma gonna get a pig sticker because that was one dog decision away from me bleeding.

  17. I bet that college student would be very surprised when they have to pay for damage to the van because they didn't control their property.

  18. My medium size dog is a beautiful animal and I am constantly amazed at how often kids will toddle up to him with outstretched arms to touch or grab him. He cringes, but never snaps. I use my dog to teach kids and parents about being safe around dogs.

  19. My dog is so terrified of children. Was told she was in an abusive situation with younger folks specifically. So many kids try and pet her and I’m like no sorry she’s not friendly then they take another step towards us and she barks and scares them off. Listen to owners!!!

  20. I have taught my kids to never approach a dog (or cats), they are allowed to stand still and hold out their hand so the dog can come and interact if they want to. It has to be on the dogs terms.

  21. It’s often the kids who have friendly dogs at home that are the most unreliable around strange dogs. I had a four year old run up and grab my dogs face recently before I could step in. My dog is incredibly tolerant so it was fine but the mother almost had a heart attack. She said they have a golden at home and no matter what she does the kid runs up to strange dogs expecting them to be friendly. Sounds like maybe she needs a leash?

  22. Where I live, an off leash dog has the same legal rights as a squirrel. Off leash dog runs into traffic and gets hit by a car, the driver is not responsible for killing or injuring your dog. Same as if you hit a raccoon. Your pet has no legal rights unless they are leashed. Please leash your dog.

  23. 2 mountain lions are loose at the farmhpuse right now. Got a video of one with a house cat in its mouth on the ring cam, so no dogs until they get these darn lions. Neighbors dog missing too.

  24. Agreed! I had a very large labrador who loved people beyond belief but absolutely freaked at the idea of being anywhere near another dog. So we always kept him on a tight leash, with treats handy to distract him if needed, and he had on a chest harness that made it much easier to wrestle him back if he saw another dog. We did everything we possibly could to protect him and also protect other dogs from him.

  25. Ugh, I have a dog-reactive golden retriever/pit mix rescue. We basically do the same as you except she has the gentle leader instead of a harness (her pit chest is just too broad to even notice the harness pulling her, lol.)

  26. Literally told someone coming at me on a path to wait while I get my 100lb rottie under control so she can come by, but instead she ignores me and says ‘my dog is friendly!’

  27. It’s insane!!! My dog is probably 70lbs roughly and it’s so hard to hold her back sometimes. Then people just stand there with their GD dogs smiling not moving away as I’m trying so hard to go in the other direction. Read the rooooom.

  28. Yes, this is correct unlike OP who expects others to avoid them. If you move off path and restrain your dog, this is a huge sign to stay away but expecting others to move for you is insane at best.

  29. Exactly. My dog is friendly but not on trails. There she’s defensive because she’s been attacked twice by off leash dogs. Recently a guy with his big ass dog off leash tried to yell at me to walk on the other side. I still cannot believe the entitlement.

  30. Yeah in the UK, dogs only have to be leashed in signposted council areas. Everywhere they have to be under control - that includes verbally. I keep my dog on leas where sign posted and in busy dangerous areas like roads and cities but in woods? The beach? The park? No. She enjoys being off leash, she walks right near us but has the freedom to smell a lot more. I wont ever stop doing that, it is totally normal here. If your dog has issues and cannot be recalled that is different, they should always be leashed. Mine has brilliant recall and in 12 years never had any issues.

  31. I think because you have the expectation of off leash freedom for most dogs in the UK, could it be most of you put more time into training? Here in the US I’ve noticed many dogs are not trained well, and the people I encounter with dogs off leash can rarely recall them. There is honestly very little societal expectation for responsible dog ownership here and I think that’s a huge problem.

  32. Yeah this thread seems more for someone in the American suburbs and not me walking my dog on the field round the back of Tesco at half six in the morning.

  33. Everytime I go to Europe I see more dogs off leash than on leash. It's something I truly envy. I've never had issues in America with other people's dogs off leash, but you can read all the other comments and see people that have.

  34. I'm in the UK and it's the same with our dog, only on the lead when around roads or walking the streets around our house. She's really good at recall and most of the time doesn't bother with other dogs, more interested in smelling or chasing the ball.

  35. American here and I agree about having times of no leashing. We have an off leash dog beach near me and it is not only legal but great for animals to runa around. I understand that people may have had issues with non leashed dogs in some PUBLIC places with many other people around but damn, there are a lot of rural areas and designated off leash dog ares in the US that dogs should be able to enjoy. They are not our prisoners, jeez people.

  36. It's almost as if it's the owners/environment that are the issue in the US not necessarily the dog. Keeping them from socialising only creates more nervous dogs.

  37. Yea I almost think this was written about the US only. There is no way I am keeping my dog on leash when she is so well trained and will follow you unless you say otherwise. Then again the UK is one of the most dog friendly countries in the world so I think there would be public outrage if it was a rule to keep all dogs on a leash whilst out and about

  38. Rules in Germany are similar, but can vary a bit from town to town. Our dog runs free most of the time, if we can’t see forward enough or in a unknown environment we will leash her. Mostly recalling and letting her go by foot is enough.

  39. Yeah, the main reason I stick with Labradors is because they’re friendly and well-behaved, and people know them to be as such and they don’t freak out when they see him..quite the opposite. When I’m out on a walk with him I let him off leash because he can take his time smelling things then run and catch up to me, meaning he’s getting more exercise. He also likes to run and have a dip in the river, I’m not going to deny him that. When I see another dog approaching I call him over and leash him until they’ve passed.

  40. Yeah I agree with that, I’m in the same boat but have only had my dog over a year now but he’s a border collie and there’s no way I could have him constantly on a lead in parks / big open spaces, he also couldn’t ‘work’ with his lead on!

  41. Yeah I agree with that, I’m in the same boat but have only had my dog over a year now but he’s a border collie and there’s no way I could have him constantly on a lead in parks / big open spaces, he also couldn’t ‘work’ with his lead on!

  42. It seems like people in the US neglect how much work goes into dogs and it ends up sprinting at another dog across traffic

  43. I was so confused by this thread as a UK dog owner. We have specific parks/areas/beaches where dogs are encouraged to walk off-lead in the UK. I don't understand how difficult a dog's life must be to be stuck either on a lead, in the house or in a fenced in garden for it's whole life :( that makes me sad.

  44. Even if your dog is friendly, doesn’t mean I want your dog coming up to mine and force me into an interaction with you

  45. I also don’t believe you when you say your dog is friendly. My dog has been attacked so many times while walking in and around our neighborhood. So many of those owners told me their dog was friendly and trying to play. I am not an expert, but have had large dogs my whole life and feel comfortable reading their emotions. In every one of those cases, their dog was terrified or aggressive and absolutely attacking. My poor dog used to love other dogs but is now leash aggressive because he has been attacked so many times.

  46. My neighbor does the no leash thing with his dog and it's annoying. I have two dogs I keep on leash when we walk and his dog always tries to get at my dogs. I've told him to put him on a leash but he never listens.

  47. On a related note, actually train your dog, when you are out and about your dog is often the first impression people get of you, if its jumping its muddy paws all over MeeMa's summer dress that lack of discipline going to reflect on its owner.

  48. If your dog is off leach and attacks a person or someone else pet, are you liable and subject for any litigious recourse? Or at worse, have to comply to have your pet put down? Would like to know. Thanks in advance.

  49. In most places, off leash dogs are breaking the law, and yes, you are liable for all damages while breaking the law.

  50. Generally speaking, yes. To both questions. It frequently depends on local laws. For example my town has a leash law. Your dog must be leashed or you are responsible for anything that happens in most cases. Pretty much the only exception is if they bite/maul someone who broke into your residence.

  51. I think if the dog breaks the skin they can be put down assuming it's pursued, sadly. Even more reason to keep em leashed

  52. You're liable even if your unleashed dog goes to greet a leashed dog who attacks your dog. Even if it ends in a fatality of either dog - you're at fault. Could vary from state to state or coubtry to country though.

  53. So I have a friend and she always yells back - MY DOG IS NOT GET YOUR DOG NOW! She walks him all the time, and when on a hiking trail, she takes her dog off trail to allow the other dogs to pass in peace. She muzzles him and does everything she can to keep everyone safe, but people who don't leash their curious dogs has resulted in her getting bitten to protect those other dogs. She doesn't know why he is so aggressive towards other dogs specifically bigger dogs as he was a rescue, but she also feels his attitude is much worse if he doesn't get exercise or walks. And yes, she has another dog and he is ok with that other dog. The other dog is a small sized poodle. He's a medium sized terrier.

  54. I live in Denver, the amount of Dogs people let roam about without leashes is bananas. And several have been straight up aggressive. Even if your dog isn’t aggressive if your dog is attacked there’s a chance your dog will just take off running. Also in the city there are so many cars how are you not worried about your dog stepping into traffic?! Dogs need to stay leashed and we don’t bring our dogs up to other dogs unless the owner is okay with it. I’ve seen a total of 2 perfectly behaved dogs off leash in my life time like sitting waiting at crossings and staying right beside the owner it was honestly crazy to watch in comparison to what people try to do with their dogs running crazy. Even the best behaved dogs should be leashes though for their safety.

  55. This! I also live in Colorado and of course so many people have dogs. So many people think it’s cool to have them off leash, especially hiking. Just yesterday, I almost hit a dog in our neighborhood because it was off leash and ran into the street. Dog was fine but the owner was like “maybe the dog learned a lesson” no, dude, you should learn the lesson to protect your dog and have it on a leash.

  56. I have an English Bull Terrier, which is very friendly but if we are threatened he will react. I always have him leashed and in Sweden is against the law to have them unleashed. There is still people having them unleashed, but what is worst is that if your dog causes more damage,… you are still responsible.

  57. I am terrified of dogs and i hate when people say that the dog is friendly. I don’t care how friendly it is I always am scared lol

  58. I have big scary dogs and am super cognizant of this. I give people the right of way when we are on the sidewalk, and I don’t let them get excited if that person pays them any attention.

  59. This is something a lot of people don't think to consider. I read a post awhile ago about a runner being afraid of dogs, and it really changed the way I move through the world now. My dog and I move off to the side for runners, walkers, and people with strollers. He truly is the friendliest boy ever (and I let people know he is just excited about humans), but I now recognize people might have had bad experiences in the past or are just afraid. Totally valid. Same with other owners that have reactive dogs. I get it - not everyone wants to say hi to my dog. And that's ok.

  60. I’ve had two instances of owners telling me “he’s friendly” and then their dog going immediately for my throat. I don’t believe anyone when they say their dog is friendly!

  61. Yeah I saw a dog attack (very violent) when I was a kid, and I still have a panic attack every time a dog runs toward me. I'd like to feel safe walking on my own block, but I guess empathy is too hard for some people to grasp.

  62. I have dog trauma as well. I shut down when a dog runs at me. I have big dogs, they have been my therapy. I keep my dogs leashed and never allow them to run at people. I love dogs now, but I still don’t like them running at me

  63. In america, we have roughly around 77 million dogs. A common place i keep seeing thrown up is the UK which has 8 million dogs. Despite that, statistical data shows that attacks and bites happen somewhat similarly compared at the rate it does for America...this specific data is probably going to be true for other countries. Wherever you go, people are going to be stupid with dogs, and when people take risks there's always the potential for something happening.

  64. I'm so sorry this happened to you. My first dog as a kid died being hit by a car and I never saw her again. Broke my heart. But I wish more people thought of this when they walked their dogs off leash... Anything can happen in the heat of a moment! I'm so glad she's okay!

  65. Probably going to be drowned but one thing stood out to me. “How many people…walk Willy nilly right up or close to us”. If you are on a sidewalk and someone else is walking, the responsibility is on YOU to add the appropriate distance your dog needs. Don’t expect someone to take a roundabout path into the grass because you have a big dog.

  66. My doberman/staffy mix has a very high prey drive and can be a jerk to smaller dogs. She would completely ignore my commands and chase after rabbits, squirrels or ducks at our parks. She almost killed one duck, but I got her away from it in time.

  67. This drives me absolutely nuts. I live in a major city on kind of a quiet side street but everyone thinks they’re in the damn country. My pup and I have been chased 5-6 times in the last year while walking (with leash) and the owners act like you’re out of line when you complain to them. If you have close neighbors and no fence please walk your dog on a leash.

  68. I have my dog off leash in the countryside but always put him on a leash if someone is approaching or if we’re in town/village. His recall is pretty decent and he’s soft as shit but it’s not worth taking a risk of an unusual interaction.

  69. Also, if someone is afraid of dogs, they may act unpredictably which, in turn, could cause a dog to act unpredictably. Leash up!

  70. I’m one of these people. I have been attack before and now carry pepper spray just for keeping any/all dogs away. I’m sorry but I’m terrified and I would hate to actually have to use it but if a dog off leash gets within 5ft of me then we’re going to be having issues no matter how friendly your dog is. I may very well get scared and jump out of the way into the street or anywhere not near the dog and end up in potential danger just to keep my distance. I’ve jumped random peoples fences just to get away from a dog only for the owner to think I’m nuts because “it’s friendly” yeah buddy I’ve been attacked before and I don’t feel like finding out after the fact I get bitten again.

  71. I can't walk my dog around where I live because of fucking morons that walk with their dogs off lead. And they are very often not well behaved. My dog is but isn't the friendliest and if he feels like he or me is in danger he's gonna snap. Some shit dog running full speed at us to "say hi" is not good.

  72. My dog USED to be the friendliest, but she's been randomly attacked by off-leash dogs so many times, she can be a bit reactive now. Awesome.

  73. In the UK we walk our dogs off the leash. How can a dog be properly exercised tethered to it’s owner? They need to run, sniff and explore. If you can’t give your dog the exercise it needs and deserves, you shouldn’t have one in your family.

  74. For real. It's like there is no middle ground. I take my dogs to the park and they are off leash most of the time. If other dogs are coming close, they lay and stay as their told and/or we put a leash on them for a second. What is really lacking, in my POV, is responsible dog owners.

  75. I agree, for the most part. I’ll have my dog off leash in a designated dog park, while camping, while walking in a rural area, or in my own fenced yard, but all dogs should be leashed when just going for a walk in a public/urban environment where it is legally required (walking down a public sidewalk, in an urban public park, etc.). Even though my dog is friendly, she’s small and not very fast, and having her on a leash is the difference between us both getting wounded in a dog fight and me being able to yank her away from an aggressive dog.

  76. I live in a larger city here in Germany and all dogs legally must be leashed, and licensed, apart from in a few designated areas reserved for unleashing dogs. However there aren’t enough of these areas in the city where I live and I think it’s unfair to dogs and dog owners. Most responsible people do “Hundeschule” (dog school) though, which I think helps with overall dog owner responsibility and dog training.

  77. Right? I take my dog off leash in the park next to my house all the time. BUT I only do it when no one else is there and I have good lines of sight in all directions. He's only off leash if I can see you coming 200 yards away.

  78. Seriously. If the trail/park/beach is designated as off leash chances are you're going to encounter off leash dogs. And they have every right to be off leash there. Other parks or out in the public I agree, but there are definitely reasonable exceptions.

  79. I keep mine on one leash and I've got that attached to a second leash at both ends, so it forms a loop I can put over my torso bandolier style.

  80. OP probably lives in a busy city. In that case, take your dog out to nature on a regular basis. She/he deserves to run through nature and be happy. If you don’t have the time to take your dog to nature then please don’t get a dog, get a cat instead. I feel bad for OP’s dog. Keeping your dog on a leash 24/7 is horrible.

  81. A dog that I dogsat was so well trained that she would walk right by your heel if you told her to, I always walked her off her lead and never had an issue, but I also think it's a lot more acceptable to do that in the UK than it is in the US for some reason.

  82. I will accept asshole status on this one, because I will unleash my dog where I go for my usual walks. Preface this by saying its a remote area, and I will leash her if another dog is around, mostly just as a symbolic gesture. She hasn't shown aggression in 8 years, and I don't think she will now. She's well trained and doesn't stick to other people or there dogs. The tiny, miniscule risk that something could still go wrong is worth it considering how much she enjoys it.

  83. Sorry, don’t agree. Of course there are times and places where responsible ownership requires dogs to be leashed, but it shouldn’t be that absolute.

  84. Good motive, but you also sound like a paranoiac. "I'm amazed at how people walk close to us when we're out and about!" If your dog is too dangerous to be approached by humans you shouldn't be walking it in public. Should I avoid walking up to every human in case they have a knife? Should I avoid going outdoors lest I be struck by lightning? How many rabid dogs are in your area such that even approaching one is dangerous for you?

  85. This must be different in the states. Off-lead dog walking is the complete norm in the UK as long as you're not on a street. If your dog won't come back when called then you're considered a bad dog owner. Are you guys seriously doing 2+ walks a day without letting the dog off? That's bordering actually animal cruelty imo.

  86. Rural US checking in- no one leashes their dogs here. Including us. We’ve never had an incident on trails or in our neighborhood. The only place we have had issues is in a dog park, funny enough.

  87. Thank god someone else said it. I thought I was going mad. The real LPT should be “don’t get a dog if you can’t be bothered to train it”.

  88. Haha absolutely! All the US dog owners in this thread complaining about aggressive dangerous dogs… yet they don’t ever let them get any real exercise- of course they’re going to be tetchy! 😂

  89. Great tip - I'll add: also maintain a safe distance even if both dogs are leashed. My dog got attacked by another dog (that we'd met once before) even though both dogs were leashed & we'd had a previously benign interaction with. Scariest event of our lives, $700+ vet bill.

  90. I disagree - it is important that dogs get free movement, after all. So I would amend it to; only take your dog off leash in a fenced, controlled environment (including other people/pets in there) where you can be sure your dog is safe.

  91. I feel like most of the people agreeing to this never owned a dog or never took the time to train/get to know their dogs well enough.

  92. It’s like telling people the existence of speed limits. Their skulls are impervious to basic ideas and everything else besides their fat heads is the problem

  93. To be fair, if your dog isnt friendly you should absolutely not be walking them on a main by way or should always have a muzzle on them. If you are walking your bigger dog down a main pathway like a sidewalk people are going to assume its fine to walk near them. Not like most sidewalks are big enough to do otherwise.

  94. Unpopular opinion, but maybe if your dog is unfriendly then you need to train it better...if you can't train it, then it's your responsibility to keep it away from other people/pets

  95. I get where you are coming from, but not having your dog on a leash and having it run up on another person with a dog isn’t a lack of “avoiding” — it’s “actively invading the space of.”

  96. This is especially true in larger parks. Your dogs extended area of running around stresses out wildlife. Also increases the likelihood of a dangerous encounter.

  97. I dunno dude, I'm allowed to walk near you if I want, you keep your dog under control even if people are near. That's your responsibility.

  98. I say this all the time. My child was attacked by two off leash dogs at a very public and crowded park in New York City. I was able to stop one dog before it but my son but didn’t see the second one in time. My son doesn’t care for dogs and wasn’t bothering them in any way, just running around and playing. I guess him running by triggered them dogs instinct to chase. I have an insane amount of mom guilt over what happened and have vowed that if it ever happens again, the dog will die. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  99. At the huge gated park in my city there is a dog park on the premises. Yet people insist on walking their dogs without leashes all over the main park. It feels safe to them because there's so much space but I can't tell you how many dogs have run up on me and my leashed dog.

  100. When I go to the park if I see people with dogs not on a leash I turn around asap I can't stand the oh but my dog is nice crowd . Esp if the dog is taller than me which is not very hard feet

  101. Thank you. It makes me so angry when I’m walking by myself and someone has a big dog on a leash, but they don’t bother to keep the dog off people and they jump on me when I’m just trying to walk by myself. Just because you love dogs/your dog, doesn’t mean everyone else does.

  102. My neighbor walks his dog every day off leash at 6am. Drives me crazy. The dog runs up to our yard, tramples my flowers and pees on the flowers. I had to add stakes around them. Now the one he used to pee on is blooming again, and this one plant I thought was a goner from all the trampling is growing again. We’re considering fencing the front yard just because of this one dog.

  103. Seriously. I just got accosted by 3 giant labradoodles at my office building because some jackass was letting his dogs free roam because he assumed he was the only one working on a Saturday. I'm a big dude, but even 3 well manicured dogs running towards you, barking their throats off, and agressively pawing at you is scary AF. I've seen kujo. I know what's up.

  104. Even better life protip quit getting dogs, and get a cat. Also all you shitty dog owners out their that can't pick up after your dog are pathetic as fuck and I hope one day you fall face first into a pile of shit

  105. I killed a husky in front of his family. They tried to get the cops on me for speeding and reckless driving. The cop told the family he has the same dog breed. Surely they were happy to hear he has the same breed dog until the cop told them every dog should be leashed up, especially that breed.

  106. Ya it’s amazing how clueless people are with doggos. Some ppl are scared of dogs and dogs like to run around a sniff everything.

  107. This applies to public beaches, too! We went one time and the cutest Lab pup (9mo) would play in the water, get nice and sandy, then run up to random groups and shake near them and sniff all over their stuff, us included.

  108. Also, I'm sure you love your dog and he's very nice to you but other people don't know your dog. My boyfriend is a letter carrier and suffered a dog attack that took him months to recover from physically and he now has a trauma response when he sees dogs off a leash, heart palpatations and everything. Please don't try to explain why your dog is fine or try to invalidate someone else's concern about your dog. Just leash them. Please just leash them. JUST LEASH THEM.

  109. My dog is friendly but when a big German Sheppard comes running at him off leash it's no fun. I hate it when folks do not control their dogs.

  110. This! I have had so many dogs come running at me thinking they are going to attack me (been bitten by one before) then the owners just trying to shiut the dig back but have 0 training in recall as they don't listen to the owner, keep youe dog on a lead or I will call the police/animal control to get it put down and put a claim in if it attacks me.

  111. If your dog isn't on a leash and comes towards my children things are going to get ugly. If it looks aggressive in any way things are going to get biblical.

  112. If you take your dogs out into your non-fenced in yard leash them. If they're known to get out behind you as you leave then put up a gate or crate them or something. Speaking from experience. I went off on a lady recently when I had 3 of her dogs running around me and my dog. 1 of hers was barking, another wanted to play, and the third started nipping at my dog who was VERY visibly uncomfortable and had 40 lbs on her much older dog who was nipping. Funny part is when I warned her my dog could destroy hers she just said he dog would destroy mine back lmao. Mine has some reactivity and if he feels threatened he either matches that threat level or ups it a bit to defend himself. I got him out of the situation safely and he did much better than I expected. He got lots of praise when we were out of sight and safe.

  113. Pepper sprayed A LOT of dogs, because they chased me and the owner wasn't around our they didn't listen. Believe it or not, but for your dog getting sprayed is probably healthier than getting run over by a bike and there is no fucking way I'm stopping with some loose dog a centimeter from my rear tire / pedal. Still avoidable if you'd just keep them on a leash - or at least take their training seriously.

  114. Jump up and bark at strangers, then the owner sidles up smiling with a sing-songy ‘he’s okay!’ and not a hint of an apology.

  115. My dog and I were attacked on three separate occasions by off leash dogs that would not return to the owner when called. Luckily I carry a collapsible baton and straightened the shits out, to the dismay of the owners.

  116. Was walking my dog (half american/half french bulldog) on his harness one day and as we walked past this one house this person came out and so did about 15 chihuahuas. No leashes, no fence. My guy was doing his best to ignore them but they were mobbing us. The lady calls out "Just kick them away!"

  117. Also not everyone likes dogs as well, some people are very afraid of dogs. My family member was growled at by a dog that came to her fire pit. Another time a dog chased me when I walked past a yard and I was in the street. I love dogs and all but off leash is a no go.

  118. Keep your damn dogs on a leash. WTF is so hard for people to understand. I don't want to be bit or my dog attacked by your fuggin "friendly dog".

  119. Every genius "unique individual" here in Toronto seems to walk their dog(s) without a leash. Then screams at animal for falling behind or getting distracted. Really admirable behaviour......

  120. One other thing to note, when you meet a dog for the first time and want to pet it, don't go for the head/face, pet its back first. This about it this way, if you just met someone for the first time, would you want them touching your face? or shaking your hand?

  121. To add to this, I remember as a kid I saw a dog getting run over, the dog ran into the street away from the owner and the owner just couldn't catch up. The dog had a slow and agonizing death.

  122. Growing up I had a friend who was absolutely petrified of dogs. It was not a rational fear, it was a real fear however. He came over to my friend's house who had a dog, and we laughed at his fear. I have always felt terrible about that. Now I have kids of my own, and one of them is irrationally afraid of dogs. We live near a park that is not an off-leash Park, but people often let their dogs run loose, because there are no off-leash parks nearby. A big dog ran up to my little guy, and he was scared for his life and shrieking. Don't be that dog owner. Some poor kid is going to require therapy because you can't keep your dog on a leash. Go to an off-leash Park. Please. Also, I see a lot of people letting their dogs off leash so that they don't have to pick up after their dog. Plausible deniability is the strategy. Please also don't be that dog owner.

  123. I once read that the most common statement that is made after a dog attack is "He's never done that before."

  124. I have had dogs come to me barking and it scared the hell out of me. My reaction the second time was to shout at the owner to get his dog on a leech. The owner seemed visibly upset with me. Which is understandable but I had a fright.

  125. Only time your dog shouldnt need to be leashed is if they are on your property and cannot leave. So if in your unfenced front yard? Leash. If there is a large enough fence to prevent them fleeing, dont bother with the leash. That simple

  126. Multiple times I've been riding my bike through the park near my house and had the same guy's dog run after me barking like crazy (off leash of course). The dog stop if I stopped my bike but as soon as I moved an inch it would go wild again.

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