1. Life experiences! I'm mid-50's - during my 20s I went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans several times. Also- white water rafting, skiing-snow boarding, etc. Those are the things that you will remember. Happy Birthday!

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Say “yes” to as many experiences you can afford and that excite you. Every friends trip, weekend getaway, camping, bicycle ride, late nights, trips abroad if you’re lucky, all of it. Live for the moments your phone is away. But also invest what you can (S&P 500, VTI, VOO, are all great)

  3. Thank you, I think that’s one thing I should try and focus on more, trying to create memories that I can keep for life <3

  4. To me, it was getting hobbies that weren't including video games. Got me out of the house alone or to meet up with people.

  5. Thank you I really appreciate it, I’ve got an Apprenticeship (Internship) with a big company, so I’m hoping I’ll get an opportunity to travel a bit with work :)

  6. Thank you, I’m trying to get a degree (college) level apprenticeship where my company will pay for me to study while I work :)

  7. Avoid bad company toxic family members and friends and do what makes you happy, go back to school learn the basics or a trade. Don't do drugs. Etc.

  8. Pay yourself first. 10% at a minimum, 20% ideally. Strictly save. I wasted so much money in my 20’s and I wish I would’ve set myself up better in my 30’s.

  9. Thank you, I’m going to set up a direct debit and put some money in to the S&P every month, so I get used to putting money aside every month <3

  10. I would have told myself to Treat everyone like I’m married to them, they and I are god, and every bad thing that’s ever happened is my fault, so be nice.

  11. Buddy, as someone who is only 5 years older, lemme tell you. Just because you're 20 doesn't mean that you only have a couple of good years left. I'm 25 and right now, still in college, got a decent job that makes good money and almost a year into my first relationship. If you wanna set yourself up for happiness, think about what your goals are. What job do you want? Where can you get that job and what do you need for that? Is there a sport you wanna do? Then check where you could do that. is there something you wanna learn that you are interested in? Think about those things and think about how you could achieve those things. Nothing wrong with putting them on paper and really thinking about it.

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