1. In their heyday, Masons built beautifully finished temples all over the country. But Americans just stopped joining organizations in the 70s, membership dropped, and they became too expensive to maintain.

  2. Is there some sort of national organization that would help/fund a renovation? That area is generally so well preserved it would be a shame if cannot also be saved.

  3. You can get on top of it by climbing up the back of one of the bars down the street, or you could like ten years ago. It's pretty neat up there.

  4. i wouldn't say that. it is a beautiful building. i'd rather look at that than most of the barfronts.

  5. BR549 currently leases it as an acoustic laboratory in conjunction with Jack White's 3rd Man record company; or so I've made up....

  6. I thought Doug Compton owned it and was looking to make it into a Chase bank. Doug's ex-wife is connected to the original family that started Chase Bank in Chicago. I believe I recall the transition stopped when the city codes started kicking in and there was no feasible way to install a safe in the building.

  7. i heard that when the haunted house was planning on going in there, they weren't allowed to do any work to make it safe since it's considered historical and any work has to be approved. they ended up not being able to use it because nothing was getting approved

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