1. You can definitely dye your hair yourself, but you should have someone experienced with dying hair with you for the process. As far as salons, I found Ulta was very helpful and not judgmental when I presented as male, but I'm sure most salons in town would be open to all customers.

  2. I think box dye is okay as long as it’s not anything drastic, but if you plan on going lighter i.e blonde, i would highly recommend getting it professionally done because everyone’s hair is different and a professional will tailor it to your hair type vs. buying box dye, which essentially is made for everyone, but not everyone has the same hair type, thus it can really damage certain hair types.

  3. If you use box dyes they’re really hard to get out of your hair if you want to change the color later. My roommates both did hair and bitched about box dyes a lot. They also said if you’re trying to go from black to really blond, it cannot be done in one session without damaging the hair. It takes multiple bleach treatments so don’t complain when it’s not platinum after one appointment.

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