1. Yep, exactly what happened. I was a former employee there, and my best friend was the last worker there. Because his food literally was home-cooked food, he didn't really have any other chef staff to help him after his mother-in-law wasn't able to help, because the food was a family tradition that needed to be perfected before being served.

  2. Closed at the end of December. Owner needed some medical care, couldn’t afford to shut down and reopen again. They also lost almost all their employees after he went back to Morocco and closed the restaurant for 6 weeks last summer. He had been operating with just one employee.

  3. Yeah, and that has-been employee is my best friend. I used to be a very hard working employee there, too (I was present during the opening the first time around at the old PizzaHut location) but after the boss started yelling at me and treating me terribly, I left. Friend was getting worked to the bone a lot, and boss had no staff to help him anymore because his family was either incapacitated or had their own livelihoods to tend to. His other kitchen workers outside of family either weren't great or ditched him, for one reason or another. Pretty bad downward spiral, tbh. I still carry that place in my heart and will miss their basbousa something awful, but I definitely don't think there's any way it could've continued, the way things seemed to be going

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