1. Park in one of the lots across the street. Usually they aren’t too full. The atmosphere depends on who is playing. I have seen it full and rowdy, but also empty and quiet. There is some bleacher seating on one side in front of the stage and floor space too. Beer prices are reasonable. It’s been a year or two since I have been so I don’t know the actual prices. It’s a fun place to be and you will have fun regardless of who’s playing.

  2. My son is in the bassist for LateNight. They are playing there tonight and next weekend. I'll be the drunk, middleage guy on the periphery yelling out encouragement, to my kids and wife's cringemoment. And woe to those who dare boo my boy's band! Seriously though, you'll love Bottleneck.

  3. I haven't been to the Bottleneck in over 20 years, but I plan to see Destruction on May 9. I'm looking forward to it. I saw so many great bands play there in the 90's.

  4. back in the day when i was there also. bleachers always clouded with bud. the pool tables were smoking and terrible sticks. i have no idea why the girls wanted to go there.

  5. Just find parking anywhere. It's after 6:30p I assume, so you won't have to pay. There's a garage right nearby or park on the street.

  6. I've had so many good experiences seeing shows at the Bottleneck, playing open mics, karaokes, and occasionally just hanging out. It's one of my favorite spots in town and one of the reasons why I would have to really think about it before I could ever leave Lawrence. The atmosphere depends a lot on the specific occasion. It can get really packed and rowdy, or it might be more laid back, depending on who's playing. Either way, the staff there is super cool and treat you right if you're a regular. The drinks are fairly average in terms of price, but I've often gotten free drinks when I had a tab open. This has happened so many times, that there's no way it was an accident. Occasionally, I get in for free during shows, too. As far as parking goes, there's a big lot just slightly to the north down the street or plenty of parking across the street. I don't go as much as I used to, as of late, for obvious reasons, but I really enjoy going there, and they definitely appreciate their customers, too.

  7. Luckily, there are nice unisex bathrooms near the front of the building now, so you really don't have to go in the men's restroom unless you want to.

  8. It’s a smaller venue. The staff were dicks last time I went there to see a show…in 2006. But they were great the last time I played there in 2008. It’s Lawrence, so it’s gonna be a toss up between genuinely nice helpful people and hipster douchebag assholes.

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