1. Wants to protect children so badly he gets uncontrollable rage and appears to threaten them/their families. Makes total sense.

  2. Saw this dude outside of Target last week, he wasn’t allowed to protest on their property, so he took it to the corner of 33rd and Iowa. No one paid him any attention from what I observed.

  3. He's got a restraining order from picketing in front of LPS. If anyone happens to call non-emergency on him it would be such a shame to see this guy get dragged off by a couple cops /s

  4. Is there anyway to confirm this? Not that I dont believe you, but I drive past it everyday on my way home and everyday he still sits there yelling with his dumb signs. Would love to call him in everyday.

  5. Excuse me; it should read “Masks on children ~ARE~ child abuse” How can he expect to get his message across if he’s using incorrect grammar?

  6. I get this guy is an asshole but isn’t it ironic you criticize him by saying “that guy wants a confrontation,” but in this story you’re yelling at him and mocking him from a car? Seems like you started the confrontation even if he is a shithead.

  7. Screaming and waving a stick at a nine year old? Lol wow that kid is such a wuss for being afraid. The nine year olds I know would have kicked his ass. /s

  8. I've seen plenty of alt-right nutjobs who start with inane rambling and yelling outside places like planned parenthood or queer safe spaces that quickly escalate to assault as soon as anyone says anything even remotely confrontational to them. I get it.

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