1. We already have an ordinance for disturbing the peace, for which exhaust with the single intent of being loud would qualify. 14-414. Raise some hell with the city commission.

  2. Go to the source - don't bother with City Commission, since they're dealing with requests from every corner of town. They're helpful, but overextended.

  3. +1 to this punishing the cars that make horribly loud noise. Anyone seen the shit ass kid in the Toyota pickup with all the racist bullshit and trump flags all over it? (Yea if you're on here just a solid fuck you) this truck makes more look at me I'm I total piece of shit noise than I can possibly imagine, and I would love to see that crap off the streets.

  4. Everytime you see a truck like that, give em the pinky wiggle salute and blow them a kiss. I do this quite regularly and it elicits an affect of bemused consternation. Is good.

  5. Is that the one jacked in the front low in the back that looks like he couldn’t afford the whole lift kit because there are two trucks that annoy the fuck out of me. The truck with a. Ducked stance seems to do laps on mass street when I’m at the fish house it blows me away how many times I see him come through. It’s like buddy we know your penis is small no need to flex daddies fucked truck 5 times on the same street

  6. The city commissioners have contact info on the commissions website. Maybe make a petition, get some signatures and try lobbying them? Or make the argument that garbage is already illegal under existing noise ordinances.

  7. No need to ask about providing comment on an agenda item. There is always opportunity for open comment each meeting.

  8. Coming at it from a standpoint better than "it's annoying" is going to be your first step. Try identifying the root cause of the problem and then making Policy, System, and/or Environmental approaches that can be backed up with hard data or reference places that have enacted similar changes. For example:

  9. As someone who lives on Mass and is about to have a newborn, just tell me where to sign or what to do to support something like this and I'll do it immediately.

  10. I don't live on Mass but just the other day I was complaining to partner about just how much loader traffic seams outside our apartment over the past 18 months or so compared to the past 7 years of living here. People rev after that intersection. I even got passed on my way home the other day, residential street, I was going 30 just so the asshole could come to a stoplight and wait while everyone caught up. And this wasn't the normal tailgating then passing while I make my turn into complex that happens ALL THE TIME, no this was a full passing while driving down street.

  11. Isn't "disturbing the peace" still a law? Maybe someone from LE could help this person out with a quick lesson. Not sure if you want to stand in the street video taping evidence, but unless caught or recorded in the act there isn't much that can be done. And with cars it's harder then some late night party.

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