1. Well, it's simple. Put on your nicest clothes and go to the bank for a mortgage loan, get the loan, and then turn the house into the rental.

  2. "All you do is birth yourself into a rich family who will loan you the capital needed to buy your first dozen houses!"

  3. I was listening to a Real Estate Guru thing the other day. He bought apartments for 20% downpayment on a $50,000 property (cheap stuff in one of the Carolinas) that, through section-8 i.e. tax payer money, paid $1300 a month in rent. That's a 30%+ return on the whole cost of the property or 156% return on the deposit, every year.

  4. Can confirm. I went through foreclosure in 2010. Later my house sold at auction for half what I paid for it. It disgusts me that people are still pushing those lies. Real estate is NOT a sure bet. Lots of things can go wrong and profit is NEVER guaranteed.

  5. Maybe he doesn't know about it because he would have been like 2 years old and probably has never read a book.

  6. By the time the market is “hot” it’s too late to buy or sell and you should just accept that you missed the wave. Jumping in late will only leave you face-down on shore.

  7. I really like that line. It just shows how he either doesn't see that the money isn't just magically appearing or he's painting a narrative where he isn't stealing money off the tenants.

  8. It’s gone way beyond that. These people selectively breed with each other based on their sociopathic abilities, thus spawning ever more refined breeds of psychopathic “Humans”.

  9. He said "all you have to do is save up" to buy a property. Duh. Cut back on the avocado toast and all that.

  10. The wealthiest investors can rent houses to the investors who are slightly less wealthy than them for the purpose of renting houses to the investors who are slightly wealthy than them for purpose of renting houses to the investors who are slightly less wealthy than them for the purpose of... and so on and so forth forever, because the market isn't constrained by your puny earthly conceptions of "physical laws", "finite resources", or "limits to population growth", mortal. It's money all the way up and all the way down forever and ever, amen.

  11. Is it still news that capitol grows faster then salary? I'm pretty sure everyone knows money makes money. That's why we're willing to rob you to get some. Dumbass

  12. "My IQ is lower than room temperature so I don't understand the details, but I'm pretty sure real estate lets you turn poors into cash without working OR hurting actual people! It's MAGIC!"

  13. This joke would be perfect if global warming weren’t making the room hotter. Hell, nowadays my room is sometimes above the IQ average

  14. Old enough to parrot 30-year-old YouTube economy gurus but not old enough to learn to wipe the hairgel off their foreheads. Also probably on some psychotic Patrick Bateman skin routine.

  15. I always take my financial advice from teenagers hopped up on red bull and recording a podcast in their parents basement

  16. Should be against the law to rent a property you have a mortgage or other lien against. That's kinda the same as buying all the toilet paper at the beginning of a pandemic.

  17. He forgot to mention that you now have to manage all these properties, it's rates, taxes, tenants, maintenance, being scum of the earth, interest on loans and more. I study business and the people that are doing property economics as their major are literally unbearable to be around, so you also have to deal with the social isolation because no one likes you.

  18. This idiot assumes every house comes in pristine condition and every tenant is an obedient piggy bank. Doesn’t sound like he’s ever had to replace an AC unit, fix a burst pipe, deal with an eviction, or fix a house that a hoarder completely trashed. He’s talking about running a ponzi scheme with inelastic assets that are expensive and time consuming to maintain, which is the worst ponzi scheme because you can’t just pick up and run away with the cash.

  19. Call me crazy, but if you get the equity out of a house, you’ll have to refinance the house at that new price with current rates. And with rates getting higher, I’m not sure if it makes sense to get a higher loan with higher rate to “get money out of thin air”.

  20. Have you seen the prices recently? 1-bedroom apartments in my area have gotten past $2k/month. If it scales per room, that’s easily $8k/month for a standard house. Shits wild. And two years ago I could rent the same room for $5-600/month

  21. Only it's not out of thin air, it's someone else's hard-earned income that you're exploiting. All you're doing is owning someone else's property while leeching off their wages.

  22. I don't know, my parents never owned land, my ancestors never owned land, heck some of them were owned by the ancestors if this "smart fellow" that makes 'money out of thin air'.

  23. That self-assuredness that he’s dishing out wisdom to the simple masses, combined with that awkward kid-standing-on-another-kid-in-a-trench-coat energy of a person who can’t quite convince themselves they’ve earned their success.

  24. Choose your parents wisely. I love my father and miss him terribly, but when he died in 2011 my end of his estate, divided among 5 siblings, came to about $1200.

  25. Wow he is so smart, a real business man. Noone else knows stuff like this. I was truly shocked about this completly new information and that i just have to save a little bit of money to have money

  26. prime example of how the free market has failed, this is how you price an entire generation out of homeownership

  27. There will be a great reckoning for arrogant assholes like these gentlemen. They’re the first to call foul and the ones who fall the hardest and fastest in the face of adversity.

  28. Leverage on top of leverage on top of leverage on top of leverage. This is how you end up being on the run with millions worth of debt

  29. You buy a house. Your mortage is $2500/M You rent it and get $2700/M You now have the risk of repairs. You profit $200 a month Most of the $2500 goes to principles.

  30. Correct me if I’m making this up. But, I watched a lot of crime/mob/heist movies and they use the expression “it’s free money.” So kind of like that.

  31. does anyone not want to be exorbitantly wealthy? like i see people like andrew tate and stuff like this and wonder why everyone wants to be a billionaire so badly. i just want to make like $50,000 a year and enjoy my life, what do i need luxury cars or watches for?

  32. Money = freedom If you are sruggling to pay bills every month how can you be happy with that stress. If you have money you can live off of interest on that money forever(given you have like 5 mil).

  33. When you ask a landlord about the morality of owning property and making money for nothing, they'll tell you they do lots of work and it's "actually a very hard job*.

  34. These kids look too young to have been around or remembered what it was like for the run up and run down between the period of 2002 to 2011. 05 and 08 were tough years for folks who did just that.

  35. His math is a little off. At the end he says $100k a month but before that he says a million properties and $3-$5k a month. Doing quick math your monthly revenue should actually be between 3 and 5 billion dollars.

  36. Fuck these kinds of people. Grifters, scammers, and parasites alike all have the same mentality: How do I make money by doing virtually nothing?

  37. I love how people over simplify buying properties. I own multiple properties and if I could do what this idiot suggest I would. First of all, you need to qualify for a property. Second, if you are buying for the first time, you need to either live in the property for the first year to avoid the 20% down, which most people dont have, or pay the 20% because the property is considered an investment property. Third, people think that once you buy a property money just starts flowing. I been renting for over 10 years and first you need to understand the landlord tenant laws in your state. Next, getting the right tenant that wont shit on your investment. Lastly, taking care of the property is hard work. People only see the money and dont think that when you get a call late in the evening or when your working you need to respond. Fixing and maintaining the property take time and money not to mention sweat. Yeah you can hire someone, but is you dont have any skills you better make sure you have funds to pay for the repairs. This guy is a joke...

  38. Wow! So easy!! Why doesn’t everybody do this?? Also then we would have 7,800,000,000 x 1,000,000 properties, so housing crisis SOLVED!! 🧠⬆️⬆️⬆️💯📈

  39. Because the last time I did, the Treasury department were rather unamused. I shouldn't have stamped "EVIL BUX" on every note. Or stolen those printing plates.

  40. Why is he so sweaty? Is it from the grindset? It looks like he's just sitting and doing a podcast, but he's also at the gym, and making money out of thin air at the same time.

  41. people look at me blankly when i explain the infinitely appreciating real estate scam. same land. same building. magic money. and you pay for it each time a loaf of bread triples in cost. infinite growth in an enclosed globe is only possible in skyfairy land. wake up.

  42. Oh man, this guy doesn't know shit. Asset bubble is not inflation. And buying at the peak of (or after) a bubble will make you not just losing wealth, but the achieved price inflation adjusted is a double whammy loss, especially after having got a margin call from your bank for dwindling security valuation.

  43. And this is the problem with society.. I believe a person should only be able to own 1 piece of property and they have to work in the country where that piece of property is..

  44. Why are YOU not a lazy piece of shit who would rather take money from people who have no choice but to give it to you instead of working and contributing to society in any way?

  45. Thanks bro so I save up money or use my inheritance to by like 25 real estate properties then wait for the property to appreciate or charge other people that couldn't afford the property rent

  46. These people are like greed-deranged rats raking in on a society in its death throes, and accelerating its demise. Collectively, they're a merciless nightmare; they can't even be reasoned with.

  47. There used to be late night infomercials in the 90's on how to get rich quick. You used to have to pay 19.99 for that info. When real estate crashes and you've pulled out equity in all thosehouse that no longer has that value... Ya fucked.

  48. This one's a classic, it seems like everyone knows that investing in real estate is a good deal..... But the no money down fantasy only plays inside the seminar room...... Or does it just prove The old saying about how the return on capital is always greater than the return on work?

  49. Capitalists have it all backwards... The vast majority of our wealth and resources belong to these do nothing silver spooned dipshits that "materialize" wealth our of thin air by scalping basic living essentials with borrowed money. They like to pretend that makes them better than us... But their role in society is entirely parasitic. They do nothing and make all the money, and tell us be the reason is because they deserve it. The only thing this mother fucker deserves is a swift kick to the face for every $100 he earned scalping homes.

  50. How are the same people who think you can just "make money out of thin air" the same people who argue that leftists "don't understand basic economics"?

  51. “first save up enough to buy real estate property” buddy most of us will never be able to buy a house in our lifetimes

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