1. Yeah, let's force women to bring more children into the world, then let's have them fend for themselves when the Climate Wars begin. And there will be climate wars. Lets make it so the EPA cant make the most basic, mediocre moves to mitigate this disaster.

  2. Damn! Every day is literally getting worse. More restriction and fewer rights for we the people. Bailouts and free-for-all diplomatic immunity for the rich and the government.

  3. And then corporate America wonders why a lot of us don’t want kids. Fine fuck our air fuck our time, we’ll fuck over your wallet. That’ll hurt you harder than any bs rulings that get passed. I’m wait to hear that women can’t vote anymore. Seeing as we’re going back in time why not go way back. I bet you there still be women supporting the decision to make them actually second class. But hey it’s okay the world will be pass point of no return soon.

  4. Why are there empty spots? Burn all of them. They all have a track record of putting corporations and profits before lives. They are all devote supporters of capitalism and the oligarchy. They are all integral to the structural foundation of the capitalist class. I thought that’s what this subreddit despised.

  5. For how much destruction they’ve caused, I hope these people never have a good day again for the rest of their lives

  6. They all deserve to be guillotined publicly. Marching and voting only go so far for life time appointments, time to shorten that lifetime.

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