1. Not sure about where you live but in Ohio the only time they're allowed to enter your unit without prior notice (24 hours is usually the standard) is in the case of an emergency. Check your local tenant laws because that's usually not allowed.

  2. I think it’s 24 hours here as well but is a leak considered an emergency? I feel like they should still have to call or something. There were no signs of water damage coming from my floor either.

  3. I’m not sure on the legality in your area but they do it all the fucking time to me. Knock once or twice and yell “MAINTENANCE!” and then just barge right in. Sometimes I’m half asleep or something and I don’t make it in time and they act all surprised to see me as if they didn’t just bust in to someone’s fucking home. If they actually fixed anything or have a window of time they’d be there it would be more forgivable but they don’t do shit most of the time. Still waiting on an air conditioner. For 3 fucking years now

  4. That's trespassing. They need to give notice unless it's an emergency. Next time they do this tell them to leave and file a police report.

  5. Is there an apartment above you? There is a chance there was a water leak reported there, and he needed to make sure it hadn’t effected your ceiling. That’s the only legit reason I could think of. Or he was at the wrong apartment and had to cover his ass lol

  6. Okay so little update, he says that he has to snake the tub because it’s not draining properly. It’s done this since I got here over a month ago. Still drains but slowly. Idk why this is an emergency though, unless it’s causing the room below to have massive water damage. I wish it could wait until my bf got home and we could pick up some of the stuff we don’t want being stolen and also keep the cat inside because she likes to bolt when she sees strangers :/. Scary how this dude has a key and also knows when I’m home alone now lol. He doesn’t seem professional at all and that’s worrying.

  7. A similar thing happened to me. I was in the shower and somebody was knocking at the door. Obviously, I didn't answer, but then I heard someone calling out "maintenance". I yelled for him to leave. I called the rental office for my building and they told me it was considered an emergency since there was a leak in the apartment below mine. They were very apologetic, and the poor man felt awful.

  8. At the bare minimum, maintenance should knock, loudly announce themselves and inform anyone inside that they have an emergency before entering someone's apartment. This is suspect to me. I'd check with the neighbor below you and find out if they actually reported a leak.

  9. What he did was unexcusable. But as someone who services apartments as part of my job. I'm given sometimes 80 units to tend to in a few hours. When it's 100° outside and I've banged on the door and rang the doorbell to no answer I have to come in and do my job to not get in trouble. I do however unlock the door and loudly yell before walking in. If I hear running water I walk out. I service 503 units in a 3 month rotating basis and may have caught some people sleeping but never anyone in a state of undress.

  10. For starters, I'd put a deadbolt on your door. The fact that he forced his way into your apartment for a non existent reason is a huge red flag. This could have been a test run for something a lot more fucked up.

  11. Do you mean to imply that a man who is just doing his job, but likely should have knocked harder and waited a bit longer should have been hurt or killed?

  12. It's a claim regardless of gender. I unwittingly gave a maintenance guy an eyeful freshly out of the shower when he let himself in, he asked if I 'needed a hand with that' and came back later to offer his services because my apartment looked lonely. Strangers are mostly creeps in general and the thought of that happening "whenever" is absolutely terrifying.

  13. Seems perfectly normal. You might argue it shouldn't be, but 2 knocks and 15 second wait is reasonable. The maintenance worker did nothing wrong here. However, there should have been a 48 hr notice (where I live, laws in your country might differ), so maybe they fucked up at the office? Or did you check your spam folder? I have missed a notice like this myself because it was in my spam folder...

  14. I definitely should have shouted that I wasn’t ready tbh. Though, the other maintenance man didn’t unlock the door unprompted to fix the AC a few weeks ago, and I was really hungover with allergies yesterday:/. There was no notice though, none at all and I feel like if it was that much of an emergency they would be tearing apart the bathroom already and all he said was he will “come back in a few days with a notice to fix a valve”

  15. It's a requirement in the US, also. But this could have been considered an "emergency" due to the water leak and the advance notice likely wouldn't be required.

  16. In my state they can't enter w/o 48hrs notice. & They only enter if they informed you they'd be entering, & only after ascertaining no one was home (by knocking.) I was in a similar situation once. I was in an attic apt, & the homeowner was a coworker, I hooked up with his nephew a few times, met most of the family. The owners dad (probably 60s) was coming up to check on my stove, it zapped anyone who touched it when it was on. But anyway I didn't know when exactly but it was supposed to be in the afternoon. I got out of the shower & he's standing there next to my stove. There was a language barrier, & I was pretty young, very naive, I didn't really know the best way to react,. So I went to the store, bought & installed a chain latch. When he came back, he tried to let himself in, didn't even bother to knock. He seemed pretty awkward when he needed me to unlatch it. Probably not the best solution, but for me it was the solution I was most comfortable with.

  17. Uhhh.... Personally in that situation I wouldn't say anything, and scan the entire place for cameras. If you find one I'm pretty sure you can sue into oblivion or press charges etc. If he's acting this weird in front of people, imagine what he's capable of behind closed doors. Not to make it worse or anything but I'd definitely be tripping if my daughter had that situation

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