1. My assumption is that the major places will have been built already as existing Havens. We know that several were already in place (Umbar, pelargir) so it isn't a great stretch to say others were created. Honestly, the idea of pelargir and other colonies existing and being populated by the faithful pre-sinking is the only way to make sense of the whole thing anyways.

  2. I think its possible, otherwise what is Theos arc with the sword. Surely they won't give him a ring to turn him into a Nazgul when he is only a random teenager

  3. But thats what will happen. I thought the show maker made this already quite clear. For the exact reason you stated, to keep normal humans though the seasons. If you see Isildur next episode (I think you will) or at least in this season, you will know.

  4. But Isildur is not a normal human - he's a NĂºmenorean. I think at the very least, the show will have to cover several decades. Personally, I'd be surprised if Bronwyn makes it anywhere near as far as season 5, and with the Harfoots it really depends on how their plotline fits in to the overall story.

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