1. glad to see reggie and luke hold their own but also nice that boston wasn't too shabby either as a rookie

  2. It’s cool to see Reggie and Luke’s defensive improvements, which were evident last season, show up in these stats.

  3. Morris will likely go at some point around trade deadline. I think it’s smart to keep him around as insurance for all the other older players. These metrics tell us something, but they don’t tell us everything, like how Morris literally won games for us with clutch shots at the end. Dude was our third leading scorer (4th if you count Powell’s 5 games).

  4. Morris in every defensive metric was awful last year. It’s true he picked up some injuries but this is something the clippers need to look out for early next year . If it continues into the new season they need to make a quick decision.

  5. I also think Mook isn't looking like a good fit on paper but maybe he brings something else to the team that we don't know about, locker room intangibles perhaps?

  6. At this point, I don’t know if any team, able to take on his contract in a trade, will be willing to do so. So we just have to make the best of the situation: put Mook in a position to succeed off the bench and give him easier defensive matchups. He’s still a good scorer and popular teammate. Maybe some team decides they like what he has to offer and a trade materializes during the season, like it did last season (miraculously) with Bledsoe and Winslow.

  7. RAPTOR isn’t perfect, but the underlying stats it uses are solid and provide an interesting snapshot for purposes of discussion.

  8. Usually when you talk about sandpaper or glue guys, they tend to make the players around them better. But Morris had the WORST +/- on the roster last season at -2.6 per game. That was mainly due to poor defense, rebounding, and passing. Covington was the best in 23 games at +3.9, PG was 2nd at +3.0 in 31 games, and Kennard was actually 3rd on the team with a +2.6 in 70 games.

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