1. Pork tenderloin babyyyyyyyyyy a Midwest staple dish, if it were me I’d have slathered some horseradish sauce and plopped a big ole scoop of mashed taters on that bad boy.

  2. I’m wondering how the folks here are having a hard time identifying a tenderloin, especially because tenderloins are regularly oversized, but then I remembered I’m midwest as shit so I’ll give y’all a break

  3. Went to Hawaii about 3 months ago, was puzzled at this. So good. And I imagine that it would be a near-perfect hangover cure.

  4. I love the evolution it has taken where now anything in Rochester that ends with the word plates or hots means it’s some form of a garbage plate.

  5. Should’ve known this would’ve been at the top. I’m sitting downtown right now thinking “you want garbage? Rochester’s got you”

  6. My husband is from the Midwest and always talks about pork sandwiches like these. The closest he can get in Colorado is the fried pork sandwich at Culver's. Judging by everyone I know in Colorado, our signature garbage food is probably cocaine lol.

  7. If it's between cocaine and that green chili soup that everyone likes to put on everything, it's an easy choice

  8. I cooked in boulder around 2010ish. Our dishie had the most horrible crazy blow. You'd take a keybump and literally feel insane. Dunno if it was half speed and half caffeine powder or what, but that stuff was the devil.

  9. Most people would say Primantis (sandwiches with fries), but my vote for Pittsburgh garbage food is chip-chop ham sandwiches. Basically deli ham and Islays BBQ sauce on potato rolls.

  10. I've only visited Pittsburgh once, but I had a sandwich with fries in it while I was there. It was pretty good, though maybe a little dry. Guess I just needed another beer to wash it down

  11. I'm a Pittsburgh native, moved to Louisville a few years ago. I run restaurants and have frequently ordered a block of Isaly's ham to run ham BBQ sandwiches as specials just for fun.

  12. My family swears that the chipped ham has to be tossed in a pan with heinz chili sauce for a couple minutes before it goes on the roll

  13. I don't think it's fair to call it "garbage" exactly but the Big Shot Bob's wings (and their cheese fries) are the best combo I think I've ever had, for classically bad food. Especially since actual buffalo sauce is really a bad taste for me and they have so many great alternatives there.

  14. And cheese fries. Not just nacho cheese bullshit, but like the super thicc cheddar goop you cover waffle fries in

  15. My wife is from Chicago so whenever we go back, I make an effort to have an Italian beef from a different place. Last time that involved eating an Italian beef at 11AM. It's hard work but someone has to do it.

  16. got dang it. i keep forgetting to make my own giadianara at home. ive had a few jars of it from the deli. i could not believe how much i liked them.

  17. I grew up in the home of the "horse shoe". Slice of white bread, your choice of meat (often times a hamburger patty), pile of French fries overtop of everything, covered in cheese sauce. I'm sorry to say but it's fantastic.

  18. I was traveling through Illinois and deciding where to spend the night based on food, found out about your state sandwich and decided we were springfield bound. It was amazing, and honestly we liked the town so much we stayed an extra day just to check it out, and its where I'll be stopping any time I have a reason to go through Illinois again.

  19. I kinda feel like livermush is more garbage food than banana pudding. Its snouts and entrails. But so, so delicious on a buttermilk biscuit with mustard (or grape jelly, as is tradition, but whatever).

  20. So how thick is the piece of meat they use for these before they pound it out, and how do they keep from tearing holes in it?

  21. Loco moco is badass, g/f and I tried it for the first time last year and it's so easy and delicious! We're always looking for new ways to throw stuff on rice.

  22. California Burritos are a So Cal tradition. They are easier to find outside Southern California these days, but for a long time that's the only place you could get a legit one. Nothing like fries, steak, cheese, guacamole and hit sauce after a couple cold ones.

  23. I remember starting college at cal state fullerton, getting stoned af and hitting rigobertos for the first time. From the bay and man that shit smacked so hard. You could also get fries in your Del Taco 1/2 pound bean burrito for .50. Survived on those a couple weeks when food money went to booze

  24. for a long time the only place to get it was San Diego. From OC and I never heard of it till I moved there over 10 years ago

  25. I was going to say carne asada fries because calling a burrito of any kind trash food seems like fightin' words.

  26. From San Diego, not SoCal, although recently I’ve found them as far afield as Brooklyn so I’m sure LA and OC has them commonly now. Also it’s traditionally sour cream not guac, although they are interchangeable at most restaurants.

  27. Breaded tenderloin and sweet corn(only because that's all Indiana's known for, now that Indiana Beach is dead). That's pretty much it for unique Indiana regional food.

  28. How you gonna go and call a tenderloin garbage food? That’s the flavor of my childhood right there. A Tenderloin, mini tacos and root beer from the root beer stand after we’d get outta school was part of the routine

  29. Ah, yes, the Hoosier tenderloin. Super thin tenderloin coated in super thick crust of oil and flour. Basically it is a way to get served nothing but fried breading and have something to take a picture of.

  30. Fucking love tenderloin sandwiches. I moved from the Midwest and everyone thinks I’m crazy for talking about them. Absolute garbage but it’s good garbage

  31. It's Canada so poutine is like our only culturally relevant food. Typically it tastes like stale burger king fries covered in watered down fryer grease but it can get all the way up to salty greasy melted cheese fries

  32. Don't forget Beaver Tails. Sweet dough, deep fried, then covered in cinnamon sugar or some other hyper sweet sauce (chocolate or caramel). Divine!

  33. New England girl here. My dad is from Iowa and nothing tastes like a good midwestern beer brat. The mass produced Johnsonville shit does not even come close.

  34. Missouri here. STL specific. Three options to choose from here. Probably the biggest one is the slinger. Eggs, meat, chilli, potatoes of some kind, onions, peppers, cheese all thrown together and topped with ketchup. Everywhere does it different but very similar. My other favorite is ghetto nachos. Tortilla chips, shredded cheese, beans. Microwaved. Best after-school snack we ever did. Could even get fancy and add shit. The other is just the classic T-Ravs. Some would say that's definitely garbage food lol

  35. Gotta love a slinger at 2AM after a night of debauchery. I'm partial to the ones at the Courtesy Diner on Hampton. Perfect drunk food in the perfect atmosphere!

  36. How about apple pie with a slice of extra sharp cheddar cheese on top? Though I suppose we could argue that it's more of an amazingly delicious delicacy than garbage.

  37. I feel like in Sacramento we are huge on loaded fries here. Asada fries, bbq fries, Kiki’s fries it don’t matter where you go but if they have fries I promise you can get em loaded and even tho I hit the gym hella my fat boy tendencies still take me to those loaded fries mane.

  38. I thought that was the Texas specialty, chicken fried steak, but we don’t do the bun part. Just the stupidly oversized piece of fried meat.

  39. People say it’s great and swear by it. The Varsity in Atlanta, GA. It’s been there since the 1920’s and it’s iconic, but, I ate there one time and it made me sick. Grease, wrapped in grease, deep fried in grease, with a side of extra grease. But, people love it.

  40. Certain kinds of Tex-Mex. It is very good, but it is kinda homogenized, serving food that is not authentic or what people would eat in Mexico.

  41. Gotta defend the regional cuisine. It’s authentic to that area. It has influences from Native Americans, American colonizers, Native Mexican Americans, and Spanish colonizers. It’s evolved mostly organically over time. Think of it as a border between several big food traditions. It’s a unique mix and authentic.

  42. Tex-Mex isn’t an American attempt at Mexican cuisine. It’s the regional food developed by Tejanos and others in Texas.

  43. Don’t know if it’s specific to Texas but SOS (shit on a shingle) it’s just sausage gravy on a slice of white bread but it’s comfort food for me.

  44. You're the second person I've seen that has said that SOS is sausage gravy. It must be a regional interpretation or something because I know SOS as creamed, chipped beef on toast, dating back to 1907 US army cookbooks.

  45. The only thing that would make this more authentic to my childhood is cheesy paper placemats with local advertisements and an overflowing ashtray in the center of the table.

  46. That’s a Midwest specialty. A pork tenderloin sandwich. Was never a true tenderloin. At times bnls pork loin cuts pounded out breaded & fried served right it usually comes with mayonnaise, onions and pickles. The best are always as big as your head. Lol

  47. Uhhh crab cakes? Maryland doesn’t have a lot of non-standard garbage food, just standard regional dishes

  48. One of the first places I ever worked they did this thing called scrapple. Yes it's exactly what it sounds like and it smells like cat food and I hated prepping it so much. Just all the scraps thrown into a stand mixer smushed together rolled out on floured down table and then cut out with a biscuit cutter and fried. 🤢The smell. It haunts me. Edit: sorry I know you asked for great and it wasn't.

  49. Pennsylvania (particularly in the Philadelphia area) has to be scrapple.It is a Pennsylvania Dutch (old German immigrants in the area) dish where cornmeal and flour are mixed with mat scraps and seasonings into a gritty paste and formed into loaf shapes.You fry slices of the loaf in bacon fat and serve it like a loose breakfast sausage.The morning smell of frying scrapple from street food carts is one of the things I miss most about living in Philadelphia.

  50. There's really no incentive to eat even the tastiest of "garbage" food when there's authentic taco trucks, crawfish, Texas BBQ, and Vietnamese food on every corner. Does a catfish po-boy count? Cus I'll slam a catfish po-boy. Extra sauce.

  51. Okay, anyone have a recipe they are willing to share? I have tried to make them on my line but it was a total failure. My process was to trim and slice a pork loin into thick peices, (I believe I did 6 or 8 oz portions) use a jaccard tenderizer on both sides, then pound out to desired size, dredge, and fry. As far as my breading goes, I tried the cracker crumb mixtures that most recipes called for, and after that failed, I tried to use more flour, tried corn starch like some recipes called for, tried to change my triple dip to a wet batter, and various other things. But every time the pork would shrink some and the coating would either fall off entirely or would be puffed like an oil filled shell. I have no idea why I can't make it work or what I'm doing wrong. I can make a great well reviewed chicken fried steak, but not this. So I'm really looking for a tried and true recipe that I can replicate to make this style of tenderloin.

  52. Back in Rochester NY it was aptly called "the garbage plate" and I miss that nice greasy drunk night food

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