1. It’s been what… 4+ years since we last saw Kiozan in a full fight? He was young & inexperienced in the KAT. He could have some massive improvements since. We just don’t know where he’s at right now. It’s not even wank, it’s just fun speculation.

  2. Saying Kiozan wouldn't lose to Raian, Ohma or Agito just cuz we don't know his improvements is literally wank at its finest.

  3. You can say that for anything. One razor edge to the neck and its gg. If Waka kicks Gensai in the neck, he would 1 shot him, etc.

  4. I only saw one person in that post who said that after looking through all the comments and I mean, some people genuinely believe Aki Saito is S tier. Every possible opinion will be legitimately held by somebody

  5. Post timeskip Kiozan is S. He has gone undefeated since the KAT and neg-diffed Chiba during his streak. He also declined the invitation to fight purgatory jobbers and opted to skip the Berserker Bowl for KAT 2. Next time we see him storywise, he is already at the S-level.

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