1. Hold on a minute Sandro, I caught you slacking in world building. The First Wu Hei is depicted with black eyes just like the current Wu and Kures. However that was from years of inbreeding selective breeding with relatives people with good genes.

  2. In my opinion: 1: Gaoh Mukaku, he had a ridiculous amount of fighting experience from constantly battling in the Inside and he invented the Niko Style, which means he probably had a pretty high fighting IQ and talent.

  3. I agree with a majority of your rankings, but I just wanted to mention for the Ichinoshin ranking, that he was known to be “one of the strongest” fighters of the era (ch 217), that he apparently “had such great power of sight that he could see any attack coming”, and that he had a superior version of the fist eye compared to Kazuo.

  4. mukaku also used the gaoh style and i want you to imagine this hunk of man, larry the lobster from spongebob size, crouch sliding around you and then suddenly unleashing a big ass uppercut to send you flying

  5. The Erioh who was beat by that unknow guy wasn't Prime Erioh. Prime Erioh is the younger Erioh with total mastery of the Kure techniques

  6. Also, it’s stated by Katahara Metsudo (I think) that the strongest fang ever was Kanoh Agito. So that could mean that Kanoh is stronger than prime Erioh? Sandro trying to not knock over the power scale challange (impossible)

  7. Right after the panel I posted for that guy, Erioh says something along the lines of giving up his pride, studying the Kure techniques and getting much stronger. He was definitely beaten before his prime when he was at the stage Raian was at before fighting Eddie. I'm guessing Raian will have gotten much stronger over the past 2 years just like Erioh did after being humbled.

  8. I think beating young erioh ist as big of a feat as people think it is hes hes strong, fast and durable but at this point he didnt know any kure techniques so he wasent in his prime yet

  9. To me the guy who beat young Erioh seems to be young Tiger Niko just look at his hair and compare it when he placed Kanoh in Gu Ritual

  10. Pretty sure Tiger Niko was either a small child or not even born when that fight happened, no way he was an adult man

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