1. Just had a whole moment an hour or so ago to lost in the world. So glad it’s getting the recognition it deserves here.

  2. I wish the Glow In The Dark tour version was on streaming services. An immediate upgrade from the original IMO.

  3. When Kanye came on the track like “First it go viral, then it get digital, then they get critical, no I’m not doin’ no interview, mask on my face you can’t see what I’m finna do, had to move away from people that’s miserable” that shit was wildin’

  4. Right now it’s probably Come To Life but like usually I would probably say ghost town that song is really special to me. Or devil in a new dress

  5. Too hard to choose but Bound 2, Say You Will, or Diamonds From Sierra Leone Remix probably round out my top 3. Blood On The Leaves and Through The Wire top 5

  6. Not sure if it's my favorite all time but this is my current favorite also. I don't think I could ever honestly pick a all time favorite

  7. That is such a difficult question after hearing every song of his that is available on Spotify (except Cruel Summer but including all his features) and feeling that there are so many that are close. A lot of songs come to mind and I know this isn’t an answer but I hope to figure out after listening to the discography a 2nd time including Cruel Summer and Donda 2 this time.

  8. Ghost Town, Lost In The World, and Bittersweet Poetry. I can’t really decide which song is my top one ye track.

  9. odd pick but junya i just have such good memories with that song and any time it comes on it just makes me so happy

  10. When I was around 6 years old, I used to browse recommended music videos on YouTube, on my dads computer. I remember putting Heartless on repeat for hours on end and loving the music video, and I still love the song so probably that one.

  11. This is mine too. It's been my favourite song ever since it dropped, I just can't get over the beat and the 808 pattern on the drill parts. This song is literally perfect.

  12. Believe What I Say. Amazing Sample, nice house beat, amazing rhymes from Kanye, soulful chorus. It embodied the definition of a perfect song. It's slightly under Through The Wire for me right now but it's interchangable anytime.

  13. Heartless. It’s not one of his deeper or more “important” songs, but it’s the first Kanye song I ever heard, when i was probably 8 or 9. Not only is it still a bop, but it makes me think back to the good memories I have of that time in my life.

  14. Monster 😤🔥 Nicki Minaj of all people had THE hardest guest verse and it has RZA (2nd best guest verse)😤🔥, they delivered for sure 👏

  15. I like Off The Grid but I’m not a Carti fan and feel his verse didn’t fit specifically the lyrics. Wish he would of kept the Pusha T verse

  16. Runaway, Heartless, Jesus walks, All Falls down, Coldest winter and probably see you in my nightmares.

  17. Devil in a new dress is always in my high rankings, but I think for favourite song I gotta go with ghost town

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