1. The 90s movie Riders can definitely benefit from a limited series run like Black Sun, especially Shin. Watching how gory Black Sun was, I couldn't help but think of Kamen Rider Shin when watching it and how easily it would fit him.

  2. The thought of a series for Shin and ZO would be exciting. And in my opinion they both share a similar style and tone of Black Sun.

  3. As much as I love Skyrider, the boy would definitely benefit from a reboot or reimagining so that any and all potential for what kind of rider he is can soar. I have one interesting idea in mind that could work for him, but it would make things drastically different from the original.

  4. ZO, because the movies originally planned runtime got cut in half the plot kinda got screwed over which is a shame because conceptually it’s really cool imo.

  5. Amazon: I know there's already Amazons, but Amazons isn't about Daisuke, the cheery screaming jungle guy, nor has any kind of mention to that hundred faces demon or Zero. It would be awesome for them to take what made Black Sun good and make a reboot with Daisuke being the friend of everyone but still being brutal to whoever hurts his friends, and this time really make something mature and not edgy

  6. I think an X reboot has a lot of potential. They can really dig into the water theme motif. That was a really unique choice in the original series but they didn’t really roll with it for long.

  7. I remember Skyrider was something like a reboot of Ichigou or the Kamen Rider story itself, as was Black and Shin, so maybe they wouldn't go for another reboot or interpretation of him.

  8. We got amazon(s) and black. Maybe heisei era needs some love. Would be amazing for a ryuki highlander-esque style.

  9. A proper one for V3, yes I know that they technically rebooted him in Kamen Rider: The Next but like with Nigou, that was V3 in name only. I want a proper more modern take on V3 and Riderman, maybe even actually make Riderman more in line with modern Secondaries (aka actually important longer than he originally was) while just giving him a better looking suit.

  10. A gritty mature take on Riderman's story, with V3 being the secondary. That can be very interesting.

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