1. My take is that they don't know how to have healthy relationships. With PMK as a mom, I would imagine their whole world view is fucked up. They live for/ to chase man's approval and fame.huge celebrities usually became famous as a side effect of their talent. It's not the main goal of a singer to be chased down the streets by paparazzi. They want to share their music and perform. They are separated from other famous people not only because their lack of talent, but their drives in life must be draining. Since they can't put out a movie, an album or anything that would make someone famous they have to keep creating drama and staging scenarios. My opinion is the worst of both worlds, their lives are different and also they personally. Pretty sure candle must be a boring brat and I doubt Kylie knows all the musical notes. They are perfect for new rich trashy where you talk cheating man and purses.

  2. The odd thing is that Kris has longtime friends; and even her newer celeb relationships she’s maintained for a while (ex Tommy Hilfiger and his wife). So why is it so hard for the rest of them?

  3. Kendall used to be friends with Cara Delevingne. They’d have sleepovers and used the nickname “CaKe” for themselves. But that feels like ages ago, pre-Ashley Benson AT LEAST.

  4. Only when a celeb is at their peak does candle and kylie befriend them. Wheres kendall when cara is currently going thru shit.

  5. Kim k always has LaLa following her around. I feel like there was a theory a while back that the reason they had so many family members is bc no one else wanted to f with them.i feel like Khloe and Kim and the only ones who want this life to continue. Kylie seems to be going along with it but she is all drugged up listening to Kris. I think once Kris passes away the family will start having “tell all” books.

  6. I haven’t seen the Hadid sisters with Kendall as much as I have Hailey. That could be because Gigi is a mom now and Bella is a top model who is desired.

  7. Aside from Kourtney and Travis Barker and Kendall and all her rapper friends, I'd say the rest do not have any celebrity friends.

  8. Kendall seems to be the only one engaged in keeping a core group of friends. Kourtney is just her family and man but I can picture her getting some new friends who become close to her. But everyone else just has friends for as long as they gain something from them. I don't really believe that khloe and the twins are friends in the same sense that they used to be - I think they just have a bond and will catch up every few months.

  9. They’re totally not. They used to be seen together 24/7 and now we don’t see it at all. From the outside, it looks exactly like when two highschool besties have a permanent falling out

  10. Kendall actually got plenty of A List or celebrities friends and hangs out in these industry parties (like i haven’t seen any other sisters at the Rubin 4th of july). I am sure these people are ok with Kendall hanging around cause they can trust she ain’t going to leak shit to the press as she’s private herself. Can’t say much about the others

  11. Yes!! She seems like she has the personality of a rock though so can’t blame anyone for not sticking around for long 😬

  12. Maybe bec celebs like movie stars and artists don’t appreciate them bec what they’re doing isn’t ART. They don’t respect the kardashians bec they got famous by leveraging attention while these artists had to work hard to get a break auditioning, getting rejected. Their language is art whilst kardashians just speak fame

  13. I think the Megan Fix is thing is more of a "our bfs are friends so we are thrown together" situation. Everyone has a good time and parties together, but these arent the ones you tell your secrets to

  14. It wouldn’t surprise me if they’ve had some meetings with celebrities here and there off the record.

  15. We paid the $10 for the premium package to market our website on Google and “realizing things” is the key search term that we set up 😂

  16. Paris, Nicole Richie, a lot of the Jacksons, Babyface, Kathy Lee, Melanie Griffith (true!), Sia, Jessica Simpson

  17. I think they do. When Kim went on SNL she was consulting her famous friends about it. But I do have to say I’ve also peeped a lot of celebrities not giving them the time of day.

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