1. It’s so wild she gave the baby the Thompson surname. If the father of my child sent the messages he sent to her about Theo, he would no longer be the father of my child.

  2. I WAS LITERALLY SCANNING THE COMMENTS FOR ONE LIKE THIS. that’s insane to me, given the man wants nothing to do with the child and offered her a sum of money for an abortion. it rubs me the wrong way bc it also just makes it seem like she cares more about letting everyone know tristan is the father. no way in HELL my child would take that last name had i been in her situation!

  3. She had the baby to make sure everyone knows she has a baby w Tristan Thompson duhhhh Lolol she would never ever consider doing right by her child and giving him her last name. That’s the whole point of her plan.

  4. I think it might help her to get child support & establish parenthood if the kid is named after the father (even parentage was proven in DNA, I don’t think DNA is the only factor that a court would look at).

  5. If thats true, so effed up, she should have encouraged a relationship. I would have. That's his son as much as anyone and if he's a really ~good dad~ then he would meet his son and even try for half custody and bare minimum visitation.

  6. From a completely financial standpoint… $360k per year x 18 years = $6,480,000 vs a one time $75k payoff.. I mean it makes sense why she’d keep the baby. Poor kid though, bad situation all around.

  7. I hope Theo grows up to be a baller in the NBA and when retired saggy balled trashcan tries to be like “yooo that’s my boy” he gives him the cold shoulder

  8. Some people don't want to kill the life they create tho. Saying that about a living child (that you would have aborted him) is pretty sick imo.

  9. No chance. He’s written her off as a w*** who trapped him. You just know he’s that guy. My guess is he told her to abort the pregnancy and feels justified since she chose not to.

  10. Child support and visitation are 2 separate issues. Paying (or not paying) child support does not effect the entitlement of contact. Also contact is childs right, not the parents, therefore it would be the child being punished for the father not paying.

  11. God I didn’t know he offered to pay her to have an abortion. A woman’s right to choose is absolutely vital, abortion is a personal choice and essential as healthcare. However, a man paying you to abort a child is fucking heinous and evil. He doesn’t see women as human beings. He’s fugly and dumb too, don’t see any kind of appeal

  12. Being the woman consciously growing and birthing these kids (or worse, paying someone to do it) into a messy situation by choice, I just can't relate. I blame them as much as Tristan. At the end of the day, they're choosing to have this man's children!

  13. It only ends up hurting the child too. I just don’t get it. Imagine growing up knowing your mom only had you for the child support and your dad was a famous athlete who cheated on his girlfriend to have a one night stand with your mom. Plus, knowing he wants nothing to do with you.

  14. These women better get nuclear contraception if they want to eff this man. I get it, the money's good for him to be a baby daddy but also you'll have a child to have to explain that to later or they'll figure it out.

  15. The longer a father (or any parent) is out of a child’s life physically, the harder it is for them to take any legal action towards anything with their child. If you’re not there actively helping make decisions most of the times, the courts will not care what u have to say Bc you just have not been present. It takes more for that man to dish out $40k a month than to go be present helping his kid HE brought into this world, but instead he’s running around w the klan 🥴

  16. Genuine question...how much does a professional basketball player makes a month in the US ? This man has so many babies already and apparently the idea of using a condom has not yet crossed his mind. How many more kids can he afford to pay child support for ?

  17. Most basketball players make millions a year. An average player would probable make about 6-7 million dollars per year. However according to

  18. I don't get this whole khloe has a responsibility to encourage a grown man to visit his son...is she his mother? his keeper? his accountant? his babysitter? what responsibilities does she have toward a man that cheated on her...no actually what responsibilities does this woman have toward this man?

  19. Lol people here hate Khloe so much they literally are letting Trashcan off the hook when it comes to being in the life of the kids he creates. And cresting scenarios where its somehow her or her mother's fault.

  20. Thank you!! Not a fan of her at all but why is it on her to “make” Tristan have a relationship with his other children? How is that her responsibility?

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