1. Don’t get me started on this. I LOVE a bitch who uses this as an excuse for why she doesn’t lift. Girl, do you know how hard you have to work to show up with some cut on your body!? You can’t pay a plastic surgeon in Russia for that shit. Stick to what you know, Kim: photoshop and invasive plastic surgery.

  2. I am short like Kim and can look stocky if I put on too much muscle, so I get definition through barre and pilates. It doesn't look like Kim even does that! I think the only thing that she does in the gym is pose for selfies.

  3. It just makes me irate when people refuse to understand that you cannot build any significant glute mass without lifting heavy for a long time and simultaneously developing quads/hamstrings/calves. I see it so often on the gym snark sub but really anywhere people are staning influencers or celebrities that claim their giant ass, that’s plopped on top of skinny, definition-less legs, is natural.

  4. Looks very off. I’m no body shamer I’m a thick bitch who doesn’t work out but at least I don’t walk around claiming to be into fitness when in reality you are not.

  5. You’re so right! Im a curvy girl and I sit at a computer all day, I do a few dog walks and some weights but not much… and even I have definition! Do they only walk from their front door to a car? How do you have zero muscles?!?? Will they one day just break their bones and disintegrate into the floor?

  6. This is why their asses look so weird and disgusting, there's ZERO definition so the ass don't match the body. It looks like somebody balancing a basketball on a toothpick. It looks so fucking gross

  7. Tragically, I see them on myself every day 🤣 can confirm this is from not doing the work. I’m pregnant and haven’t lifted once in 2022

  8. I have bigger, more defined calves and quads than her just from being a bartender, where is all this “work” she’s doing lmao, she gets on the treadmill for the insta pic before she goes to her coolsculpting appointment

  9. hey, that’s not fair. there’s low healthcare staff everywhere so she’s probably waitlisted to get into her surgeon’s office and plan for for the muscle implant procedures.

  10. Man she looks awful. Like skinny from so much stress type of awful. She’s been doing the most lately - maybe trying to cope with all the Kanye and divorce shit and being a single mom, divorced again? ☹️ bit sad imo

  11. I really think that's what it is. She didn't start getting skinny until the incident with the dress.

  12. It’s ironic that for someone so terrified of the most natural thing ever, aka aging, she’s unwilling to do the most basic thing for longevity. Resistance training & yoga are the ultimate anti aging things you can do.

  13. She’s able to sell her products by telling others that they are not good enough or will never meet this beauty standard without her products help. It’s gross and not healthy for anyone.

  14. I agree if they worked out like they say they do they would def look completely different more definition to there body and more muscle

  15. I’m so glad I’m not the only one that thinks this!! I dared to open my mouth about this on the other sub and got drug through the coals!! They made so many freakin excuses for this women-ugh!!

  16. I have a theory that they never work out and just get lipo and cool sculpting. Seeing that video of Khloe totally screwing up how to use weights in the gym just confirmed that for me.

  17. I never ever ever work out & I had more muscle tone than her (before gaining my weight during pregnancy & not losing it all.) if she’s working out, I really feel bad for her because it’s not helping at all. Im only a few years behind her. Lol

  18. That’s not the body of someone that ever works out. That’s the body of someone that gets a lot of surgery and sits around on their ass. There isn’t a single muscle on that body. It’s sort of sad they can’t even do the work for a body that would look 100% better than the trash they pay for.

  19. I do a thirty minute workout I found on a app and I have more muscle toneness and definition then these girls claiming to use all this other equipment…

  20. She probably does the Tracey Anderson Method: starves herself and then does random movements to make herself sweat.

  21. It is just me or do her shoes look photoshopped on? Maybe it’s just my eyes being weird but they just look so odd compared to their surroundings. I know they aren’t but it just looks odd.

  22. I have noticed that all of the girls have “defined” delts/shoulders. It’s noticeable face on. That’s a hard muscle to build, so they have to do some shoulder/arm work. OR it’s because of the constant angles to hit the selfies for decade/s 😵‍💫🤣🤣

  23. God she’s honestly starting to look like an old hag witch or alienoid. she is doing WAY too much to her face. She needs to relax.

  24. Thank you! She posted a video of her wakeboarding (or whatever it’s called don’t come for me please) and it was like two twigs poking out of the life jacket I thought her legs were just going to snap. I don’t even think she has the strength to open a door

  25. They don’t do any strength training whatsoever, their goal is to get skinny and stay skinny. They don’t realise they’d look slender more lean if they also did weights/lifting.

  26. i am in no way defending this cyborg or believing any of her claims about anything but i work out almost daily and have like no muscle tone. i have the metabolism of a sloth despite my best efforts. we exist and it sucks!! lmao

  27. I am slim and I’ve been using ankle weights and light barbell weights for 2 years and it doesn’t realllly show. I’m just defined. I think her body looks great

  28. Never said she didn’t look great just said she has no muscle definition for someone who claims to put in so much work in the gym.

  29. Lol ok but on the Kardashians on Hulu when the Tristan cheating scandal broke out she’s being filmed in the gym working out with weights….

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