1. Might be that in most pics of them together Kim is done up and Pete is just vibing. The vibes and styles are just off kilter imo

  2. I feel like the concept of a full-on PR relationship is a stretch. Mostly because the branding makes zero sense. They don’t add anything to each other’s brand, and I don’t think anyone in their right mind would put them together. Kim’s whole brand before was being this Serious High Fashion Lawyer, and his whole brand is … scum? A PR team with their wits about them would have found a hot, second-generation hedge fund or VC manager. Or some nepo baby of a hot shot Hollywood producer. Something more along those lines.

  3. Kim looks stiff, un-fun, and as if her mind is preoccupied with cameras every second so she can’t let loose, not just with Pete. Even if someone was really into her and she into them, she’d look like this unless she undergoes a major mental shift about what’s important to her.

  4. The video of her kissing him but looking at her phone while doing it as she is more worried about how she looks in the video that sharing a kiss with your bf tells you a lot of things about her. Also, her home with nothing on it, tells you that she is probably is very boring. The fact that she is having and existential crisis because she doesn’t know how to dress without Kanye and she has a warehouse full of clothes… that level of dissatisfaction is something else.

  5. True, but Pete has slightly more genuine priorities and he looks like he's being dragged to the grocery store with his boring stepmom

  6. I always wonder that too! Despite her super awkward forced “sexiness” she has never struck me as an overly sexual person. If they did she probably did it to keep him happy and hanging around. It’s hard to picture for me though

  7. I’m sure the idea was exciting initially. I imagine interest for Pete fizzled out once he realized how old and boring she was. I imagine her being dick crazed off BDE and her just being meh + insecure in bed.

  8. I think he had a crush on her when he was younger and he was fulfilling that fantasy, but as they say - be careful what you wish for!

  9. How did I not see the nose job and other work on him before smh that’s INSANE it went under the radar

  10. .... it's not a nose job. It's photoshop. It's all over the interwebs, Kim photoshopped his nose. Source: receipient of multipleee revisionary rhinoplasties so I now have this useless talent of being able to point out whether or not someone has had one. 🙄

  11. I think Kim lost so much weight when she was with Pete because she didn’t want to be the bigger one in the relationship 😳

  12. Yeah, I think it's all downhill for him since Ariana. Lol, how's he ever gonna beat that? They have similar interests, like similar music, are close in age, etc. etc. Not to mention she's a super talented babe. (And I'm not even into her music.) Ariana was his dream girl. Kim was a paycheck and potential opportunity.

  13. Idk Ariana in an interview for her TUN next album said they were constantly breaking up and getting back together. So much so that she wrote multiple versions of a song because their relationship was so shaky. One version referring to them as still being together and the other as having separated

  14. It’s so weird cause I feel like ariana elevated him while Kim sorta brought him down. It has a lot to do with the fact that Pete and Kim looked so off and PR like while ari and Pete looked real and so in love, regardless of how it ended. Pete seems like he could not give less of a fuck that he’s done with Kim while he was devastated when he and Ariana ended

  15. Well….if you’re a girl (or guy) & ever have any doubts of how someone truly feels abt you just come back right Here & take a look at these pics of Pete & Arianna. The girl couldn’t even try to lie, she was deeply in love with him! The way she looks at him, can’t Nobody fake that!! Isn’t that the way we all want someone to look into our eyes?? As for Pete, he genuinely reciprocated her feelings & the guy was Happppy! Wow! If anyone needed a good Visual, here it is. Like some others have sd here, Kim’s #1 is KIM. No one else comes close. She doesn’t even look at her own kids with the same emotion & admiration in her eyes. She can never get enough of herself 🤦‍♀️ She’s the epitome of self absorbed. It’s all abt the money that provides her All means of perfecting what’s on her Outside when it’s her “Inside” she desperately needs to turn all her attention to. Sooo much work to be done within that she can’t just Pay to have someone fix her. Her soul has been sold to the Devil 🔥 Is it all worth it Kimberly?

  16. Night and day. This reminds me of when you get out of a long term relationship with someone toxic so the next person you date is total opposite and not your type but you date them as a palette cleanser and then regret it forever.

  17. Is it bad that I don’t want to focus on Pete in these pics and just want to enjoy Ariana’s fashion and glam? 😅

  18. There was a blind item that heavily implied that Kim wanted a boyfriend for the Hulu series they were shooting. They had put out feelers to many celebrities in sports, music, acting, and even business, but there were no takers. The perception was that she was too old and, frankly, overexposed. Pete was the best she could get, so they made the deal.

  19. I believe kete is PR. I was about to make a separate post for this, but I've been procrastinating for a while. Thanks op for this gentle nudge.

  20. I believe their relationship wasn’t born out of PR but a mutual gain from each other. Kim sees her sister and her friends getting pasty, emo***, tattooed bfs and she wanted that relevancy too. He gets his name out there even more, access to even more connections and wealth through Kim (aka sugar mama of sorts). She wanted what Kourtney had, she wanted the over the top PDA, the “playful, youthful” relationship vibes. And she didn’t get that because she frankly in my opinion cant relax when theres cameras because she’s insecure and needs to look perfect.

  21. I’m in this grouping of thought. I absolutely think she saw the amount of attention Kravis was generating and thought she should get her own pasty, white boy who projects ‘bDe!’ I remember reading a gossip blurb somewhere that Kete still hadn’t had sex, months into the “relationship” which somewhat solidified my assumption this was strictly for PR. I do NOT think Kim was ever truly attracted to Pete. I do think he went into it with some attraction to her, hence the tattoo dedications to her kids, but became quickly disenchanted with the relationship once he saw what a production her everyday life is.

  22. This is where I land the most on their relationship too. There's too many things that wouldn't really make sense if it was all just for PR. I think they both genuinely liked each other on some level, but they also both had a lot to gain from dating each other. It was never gonna lead to marriage and they were both going to ride it out as long as it made sense. And that's why I think Pete dumped her. He has a bunch of stuff coming up. I just saw bodies bodies bodies last night which was really good and I highly recommend it to anyone into horror, horror comedy, or a24 movies. I don't think it benefits him anymore to stay around her. At this point, it could start to hold him back actually. So he got out of it what he needed and wanted and then hit the road.

  23. I agree with this. I think what strikes me that it just can't be a PR relationship full stop is that it was so bad for both of them. I can't understand why anyone would agree to get into a relationship that seemed so mutually unbeneficial. The way he dumped her just weeks before her second season. There's no way she'd want that. Any break up between them before a few years would look bad, but just before the 2nd season? That just seems so cringe for her entire life and all the work she did to sell us this happy relationship.

  24. He just doesn't seem that kind of guy. I think his younger self probably had a crush on Kim and his current self lived out that Fantasy by dating her!

  25. Kim is like a stick in the mud party pooper. Pete prob had to like follow rules around her and shit. Psh

  26. Kim is more reserved than Ari though. Ariana is very touchy feely so she was constantly wrapped around Pete. I think he does need someone needy and affectionate, like him. Kim might suit an equity investor - same as Khloe!

  27. LOL!! Equity investor has me rolling. Kim is a Libra and needs an Aquarius. I dated an Aquarius financial analyst and he was dead inside.

  28. Somebody pointed out the selfie (14/20) of Kim and Pete is photoshopped. They have different lighting and shadows and everything. That honestly is some of the saddest shit. Imagine being a grown ass women and photoshopping together a selfie with your boyfriend in order to get one pic where he looks kinda happy. Imagine EVER photoshopping a selfie with a guy. Embarrassing!!! For someone who cares so much about her image she is EMBARRASSING.

  29. I think they were kinda real. My opinion is Kim used Pete to stir up publicity— so for all intents and purposes they were dating but I think all he was was a booty call for her that she spun into a relationship for her advantage. I could definitely see Pete being all in love with her and about her, and her just enjoying the attention that he gives her and that the public gives her being seen with him. Never once did I believe all the ‘sources’ of them being serious though. Pete was in a relationship with Kim and Kim played along until the jig was up.

  30. If this is PR it did nothing for either of them. I think they liked each other and then Kim saw she was getting attention and played it up w acting. She wanted the attention kourtney was getting, that’s all, she thought Pete would do this hot and heavy thing w her in public. She liked him more than he liked her. He’s a love bomber and moves on when he gets bored

  31. Kim looks totally uninterested in Pete in all these photos & Pete looks tired in every photo with Kim; I suppose she would be exhausting to be with!

  32. Off topic but I think it’s so funny how Pete went on to make fun of Ari’s spray tan after their break up only to go on to date Kim Kardashian 🙄 another queen of spray tan

  33. Literally so fake, he doesn’t look happy in ANY of the kk photos. He’s glowing w. Ari, it always looks like we caught them in an inside joke. With Kim it looks F O R C E D

  34. Kim was just an annoying rich piece of ass. I think he really cared for Arianna. She seems way more his speed and good lord she's cute.

  35. Ari and Pete were in love. Puppy love probs, but it wasn’t fake. Kim I have no idea. She doesn’t seem that appealing other than wealth.

  36. i’m convinced if mac miller hadn’t died ariana and pete would’ve gotten married (RIP) maybe they will have a ben and jennifer reunion in the future!

  37. Kim is about the most shallow and vain person I think I have ever seen. She lives to be seen. Her entire existence revolves around herself.

  38. A few years ago, youtuber Shane Dawson (yes I know he's problematic but still) said that he saw Kim and her family walk into a restaurant, went on her phone and texted, and then a few minutes later paparazzi showed up, almost as if she called them herself. I wouldn't be surprised

  39. Idk if it was PR since stories are clearly coming from her team to slam him which idk if would be an agreed upon clause. However, it could just be he was clearly more into Ariana 🤷🏻‍♀️

  40. This what kim thought it would look like. You can have all the money in the world but you can’t buy that!

  41. to my he looked so in love with ari not only in pics but videos of them toghether but with kim the videos made me say its pr because she couldn't even kiss him without looking at the camera🫣

  42. I still can't get over the time line. Nobodies mentioned the trauma therapy beginning back in APRIL... Knowing that, it's hard for me to say it wasn't a PR relationship because how else would he have stuck around for that long???

  43. Sorry, but Ari’s & his pictures were iconic and couple goals. She tried SO hard to be like Ariana, but she’s a single mom with 4 kids and Not a pop star lmao

  44. I think Kim thought because she's been KIMYE she could be a power couple with anybody but you cant fake it

  45. I very seriously doubt the relationship is some contractual PR stunt. Was the relationship USED for PR? Absolutely. But the mental gymnastics you have to jump through to rationalize the amount of people that would have to be complicit, including Kanye and their children?! Like can you really imagine Kanye signing off on allowing his children to be used as props for Kim’s PR relationship?! I mean come on, it’s just silly

  46. I originally thought it was a PR stunt, but the pattern was too obvious with Pete's love bombing and toxic weirdness. I don't think they had any chemistry at all but I do think they were together, which just reflects badly on both of them. They went through all that nonsense with Kanye and the kids just for the most tepid relationship known to man.

  47. Maybe Kim wanted to set Kanye off… like the crazier the media paints him and the more he goes off on social media, she has more of a case for custody against him.

  48. Kim and Pete definitely was just for PR. Kim wanted to take attention away from Kourt and Travis then escalated her PR when the Astroworld tragedy happened. Also, Kim wanted to look like she was some hot mother by scoring a young guy to up Kanye since he was seen with other (model) girls already.

  49. i don’t think he was famous enough to have been a PR relationship with ariana but they were both clearly rebounding. kim obviously wanted more attention and pete is a-list at this point. they had zero chemistry and never looked like they were having fun.

  50. He was with Ari so long ago he just looks more grown up with Kim probably because he’s afraid of her telling him he’s being stupid like with that hat thing.

  51. I don’t think it was PR but I think it was stressful af and not fun. I think he was quickly disenchanted/not happy. Kanye certainly didn’t help.

  52. If he dated Kim say five years ago that would be like an achievement in that his dating someone so famous but now looking at those pictures it just looks like a bad reality tv show relationship

  53. I think w Kardashian he has to be “on” all the time. Like there’s no sweet moments or gazing into each other’s eyes because they can’t afford to be that distracted

  54. no lie, I don't even care for pete davidson at all. lol but ari and him look like they had really great chemistry and probably really great sex too. Next to Kim lol it feels so robotic and staged. Kim definitely had way more chemistry with Kanye.

  55. Side note: what do we think their starbucks order was? I feel like they are both tall americanos… i was reading this as i was wondering about trying something different at Starbucks lol 😝

  56. He and Ari were adorable together (never really paid attention to them before)! Clearly very into each other and having fun. With Kim it just looks awkward.

  57. Exactly! Spontaneity is a foreign concept to Kim & the rest of the KarJenners. Everything is carefully calculated & planned for maximum attention. Therefore is always an ulterior motive for everything they say & do.

  58. PR…to make it worse, it replicated parts of his Ariana relationship to prove he learned absolutely nothing from that frightening and dark situation. To play his part over again with a newly dissolved relationship…I am disgusted and alarmed by his lack of humanity.

  59. I'm not familiar with Arianna/Pete's relationship.... Can you elaborate a little on what you're referring to? Please?

  60. Couldn’t it just be that he felt super uncomfortable with being filmed and posing for pictures all the time? With AG all the photos are pap shots and they were just living their life. Big difference between that and the content machine that is the Kardashian life.

  61. I don’t really see crazy similarities in the pics, as you are trying to illustrate. The fake pap pics of Kim in the knee high boots is what does it for me, personally though. Regardless, there is no doubt in my mind that Kim & Pete were fully PR. Don’t think the same about him & Ari though.

  62. IMO both? They started out as PR - Kim needed a man for the show's storyline and Pete dates to get clout. At some point they caught feelings because of their respective mental illness or personal issues, and then it went kaput. IMO neither of them liked the other as people but instead liked the idea of the person as a status - Kim wanted to think that she still got it re: celebrity status and attractiveness (and can lord it over Kourtney for getting more attention re: dating a skinny "alt" white guy), while Pete got an ego boost from dating a hot woman who was Ye's wife.

  63. One thing to consider is people can change their behaviours based on the who they’re around. I imagine she is a lot more happy/bubbly than Kim and it probably reflects on his mood. That being said this is probably PR regardless

  64. What a difference in body language. Seeing these photos side-by-side makes it so obvious how NOT into her he was.

  65. I think it was PR for her, because she is a narcissist and wants good press. I think he wanted something to come out of it but got over the karjenners and their constant need to be in the limelight.

  66. It was real, it just wasn't special. We all knew they weren't going to grow old together from the start, including them.

  67. Pete and Ari where real, Kim isn’t real with anyone and it was too soon for her to think this relationship could be anything but a fun distraction

  68. His smile looked so much more genuine when he was with Ari. Unfortunately, it was the wrong time in life for them because of everything w/Mac Miller and they moved way too quickly because they both have mental health shit going on. Otherwise, I think they might still be together.

  69. He never knew what to do with Kim. It always seemed like he felt she was out of his league. He wanted it, but didn’t know what to do once he got there.

  70. It was obvious that they did it to take away attention from Astroworld. Astroworld was bringing a lot of negative attention from the family, and it immediately went away when Kim started dating Pete.

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