1. So if it was a network deal I’m guessing for a sitcom? And then I wonder if Kris was trying to get Kim or one of the other kids to be actors on it. That would be a instant turn-off.

  2. OK magazine, said his mom and sister. His friends and Management warned him about getting involved with her. In the end his mom put her foot down.

  3. it’s wild to me that Pete cut ties with his team to join the K MGMT Klan. sure, he was dating Kim but c’mon… Kris brokers (overpriced) influencer deals for her kids and he’s an actor/comedian -- those are two diff worlds. I think Kris saw him as a shoo-in for something else. if this tea is true, he def dumped her 😆

  4. The greed runs deep With kris, She’s been making tons of tax free cash from her California community church for years. Even got caught money laundering by the IRS, Kanye says she hides money for Kim and the girls in her church.

  5. At face value I believe this. Isn't it normal, required (mandatory /s) practice to drop any current representation so Kris can bring newbies aboard the karjenner LLC group?

  6. I don’t know why anyone thinks she’s a great manager she can manage her kids bc they don’t really have an option, that doesn’t mean she can deal with the intricacies of others careers. She just wants to be like the Azoffs so badly.

  7. Definitely believe Kim and Kris tried to take over his life. Def believe friends have been attempting to get through to him, and have finally been able to help him regain some clarity since he’s got some distance.

  8. I would assume the time line shows their relationship deteriorate starting with the MET Gala, not the double hat, but in the interview at the top of the stairs. Pete's disconnected, uncomfortable, and Kim is in her element and everything she ever wanted for that moment. Out shinning a new star beau and also ruining an artifact of another great star that she's trying desperately to attach too that can't fight her off like Rihanna and Beyonce.

  9. I feel like he thought it was cool and honest and the cracks started showing around Met Gala for sure and London, what was that trip even about they just went to London? Then the tropical vacay which seemed like a stop over to Australia and then he probably hadn’t know peace until he was on set.

  10. Is Pete pissed at kim right now and will kim try to go to war with him knowing that he has Lorne, a very powerful person, in his corner?

  11. I have know way of knowing but he’s also not talking to my friends at all some haven’t heard from him in over a week. This Kris thing happened a month ago. It was for a network deal.

  12. Kim was the one that pursued him, she said she called the show and asked for his number. Now she’s calling him immature and childish and couldn’t deal with him.

  13. Knowing kris , I believe every word . People give Kris too much credit as the mastermind, Kris has known LouTaylor since 2007 the real mastermind. She’s part owner of good American and many other other businesses. She’s responsible for putting Brittany into conservership, Kim asked Lou Taylor to put Kanye into conservatorship so she can control everything.

  14. Lou is involved in basically so many lives especially people that are aging in the industry where it’s more like they’re touring or have masters that can be sold for high profit. She’s not involved with anyone rising because since Britney she’s just known for controlling flow of money and redirection. She’s absolutely experienced significant loss of clientele bc of Britney.

  15. We’ve already had one liar today so I can’t take this at face value I’m afraid. There’s literally no point in giving vague spurts of information that are disconnected from a bigger picture

  16. The Blind Gossip items consistently claimed their entire relationship was merely contractual and that she had been trying to get someone older and more successful but hadn’t been able to lock anyone down, so Pete got tagged in.

  17. yeah totally. the "has she seen your vagina more than me?" comment seemed like a plug to push a narrative ... i don't believe for a minute they actually fucked

  18. I'd put money on it that this is why they broke up! What better reason for him to have hightailed it right out their lives!

  19. I hate Skete because of the whole ari thing and overall just seems like a unstable desperate for fame little boy but if he actually dumped her and didn’t sell out to the Kardashian’s that makes me hate him less and respect him a lot.

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