1. All that money and she can't get the oral B 10000000 electric toothbrush with wifi connection and integrated bluetooth speaker, wireless charging and dildo end? FOH Periodontitis Kween

  2. HOW LONG will it take for her to post photos of Her bathroom showing us her products are on the counter OR better yet, giving an explanation WHY the counter in this photo doesn’t contain any of her wonderful, fabulous, it’s expen$ive to me products 🤔

  3. The little bottles that look like medication is from Biologique Recherche, each of those tiny blows is like around $120 from selected spas. It’s a whole thing to obtain this brand skincare

  4. I literally just posted that. Yes, that brand is a grip and I only know one store where I live that I can go to and order it. Only know three online vendors. Her skincare is not SKKN.

  5. 👏🏽 Well done for spotting! It’s probably one of the best skincare brand in the market. But what a liar to Make us think she uses her own.

  6. Damn spell check! I can’t change the captions on the photos but picture 2 should read “Olaplex for her ratty hair”

  7. I saw this claim on another thread about her actual skincare products. I’m totally clueless — why are makeup removal wipes bad? I don’t use them, but I’m assuming they have alcohol (super drying), or is it something else?

  8. Soooo basically she just called herself out for not using her own products lol I thought she “had all NINE products on her counter” LIAARRRR

  9. Lmao anytime someone uses LIAARRRR so well in the thread makes me crack up. It’s just so visceral, we can all hear it clear as day. Hahah so good

  10. Even so, girl you just came out w a skin care line in which you had the audacity to charge 95 dollars for oil …. Maybe now isn’t the time for paid face product placement deals?? 🤡🚨

  11. Those little bottles with pointed caps I believe are Biologique Recherge (sp?). I know because I’ve used them and they are a grip. She’s spending $600 on French skincare, not her SKKNcare.

  12. Definitely Biologique Recherche serums. She’s been using their stuff for awhile now. They’re tiny bottles and very good but crazy expensive. Highly recommend the P50 exfoliating toner!

  13. Since she has psoriasis im not surprised either that she uses it rather than her 9 step skkn she’s pushing to the rest of us

  14. Crazy that Kimmy doesn’t buy the most expensive of everything, honestly. It’s a little refreshing to see her be like normal people. If I was rich, I’m still using my Cetaphil, Neutrogena, and Clinique. Listerine, Suave, etc.

  15. Do people actually think she uses the products ? She uses what she likes, she SELLS things to make money, there's a difference. " Influencer" is such a disgusting name. I refuse to promote products, for one, the price goes up and the product is sold out. I used to think telling others was being generous until I could no longer find the item

  16. I think it’s Secret deodorant, not Suave. Also, what kind of toothpaste do rich people use? The same kind everyone else uses 🤷🏽‍♀️

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