1. Elle King’s comment? 💀 are they friends or is she being shady? She posted a weird thing about jack harlow ‘ignoring her’ in his dressing room the other day.

  2. Yeah didn’t she make a joke about khloes weight loss saying she lost half her body weight, it’s like she lost a Kendal or something like that. And khloe got offended at that and said something. I vaguely remember something like that

  3. Yes that pic of her confused me! There were some pap shots of her in leggings pretty recently and I swear her butt was way smaller

  4. I loved her when her show first came out, I thought she was dead-on about so many things concerning women and society.

  5. Same. I paid lots to see her standup a few years back. Loved her, her show and the stand up. Can't stand her anymore.

  6. Might be a fever dream, but wasn’t there an actress or comedian that posted a few days ago with KJ’s that made the “call me a K—-Kardashian” joke first?

  7. If I see Amy Schumer or Ellen on The Kardashians one more time, I’m deleting my Disney+ subscription. Being honest though, I’ll probably get my subscription back once the season is over so I can binge watch the whole thing in one day because I don’t have the subscription for any other reason 🤣

  8. “I have legally transitioned to Doug The Bounty Hunter,” oh so we’re still going with the Caitlyn jokes?

  9. Man it always throws me off when I see a non edited photo of Kris. She is ancient holy shit. Don’t get me wrong she looks great for her age but it’s easy to forget how old she actually is

  10. Amy schumer is about as funny as Khloe Kardashian, which is not at all. They really know how to surround themselves with detested people....Trashcan, Dog Food, and Travis Scott (he needs a nickname desperately).

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