1. To him they are his possessions, not individuals or human beings but projects he needs to control. I mean he does the same to everyone around him. He just collects projects. And his kids are his biggest project yet

  2. Anyone who says this is normal behavior is a liar. He has this pattern of claiming people are after him and it's clear that this complex is linked to his mental illness. Just like those people who think they're being spied on by the FBI, the government, the people who think the world is against them. He's doing this with Adidas, GAP, Kim and Kris and now Zuckerberg and the Clintons.

  3. It's sad that a grown man hasn't learned he can't control everything. Or that his thinks tantrums will give him the control he wants.

  4. I noticed that, I was wondering if that was the school uniform? Or if they did that solely for the photo op? I saw a comment that there's no tuition, does he supply the uniforms? Not expecting u to have the answers, I was just curious when I saw they were wearing Yeezy apparel

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