1. My opinion (not that it matters), but Balenciaga is losing credibility as a high fashion brand because they keep using Kim. Not to mention the clothes that they’re putting out look cheap.

  2. Sooo boring. The gloves and poots are beyond overplayed at this point. What does Balenciaga think we are going to say about these images when we’ve already seen the look hundreds of times before? It’s the opposite of creative and innovative.

  3. i think they could look cute as the sole focus on the outfit with the actual clothes being more neutral lol

  4. Her hair is SO BAD! This has got to be intentional - there is no other explanation why her hair looks like one of my old Barbies when I tried to curl their hair and it all melted and turned into a weird looking plastic.

  5. Every single advert she appears in actually an ad for her ass. The actual product is secondary. First photo, her butt is front and center and the purse is below.

  6. Girl, wash your hair. That dress in the 2nd pic gives me ‘alien frantically pulling together a dress right after landing in our fields in Slovakia’.

  7. These just about took me out. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. It looks like these were taken with the background effect on old web cams where you could pretend you were in exotic places from the comfort of your home. She’s so awkwardly placed in these landscapes AND THE POSES!!! My god. Nothing works here and I LOVE it.

  8. I love her hair in the first picture. Like, "Yeah!! My hair is brittle, broken, and an unhealthy mess. But it looks like lightning!! It's supposed to be this way you guys!!!" It feels like the entire concept was designed around her terrible wig.

  9. From an artistic perspective, the hair is fabulous. First pic, it looks broken, damaged, and just a static mess. But it matches the background. It's a combination of the electric lightning and the cracks that come from the ground being so dried up and dead.

  10. She’s so boring. This is so boring. What actual person gives a shit about fashion campaigns like this in 2022 lol. I’d legit rather her try to sell us diarrhea tea on Instagram 😂. Kim go back to 2008 where you belong, girl.

  11. In a way I feel like the brand is cheapening itself, but not specifically because of her. Like for the first picture; the background just looks so poorly done and obviously fake, match that with her horrible wig, the ugly sunglasses, and the overbearing color on that material, and it’s just all so ridiculous.

  12. Seeing this am I’m sitting in a cafe in Paris right across the street from Balenciaga. I want to march over there and ask them what the heck they’re doing

  13. “Hey you guys you know what would finish this high end look? A pair of sunglasses from the 90’s a ski instructor from Colorado would wear.”

  14. Picture 2 all I see is a grandma pissed at you for laughing during the church service. Picture 1 is literally a game of Kim or khloe.

  15. These pics are terrible. Balenciaga needs better stylists, photographers, and content creators. KNK needs less yes men. Also the blonde doesn’t give what it’s supposed to give. She should give it a rest already.

  16. I love love looooove the hourglass / downtown shaped purses!! The rest of it, hmmmm not so much.

  17. I actually really like the second picture. It's different than the other looks Balenciaga has been serving up and it's actually wearable. No catsuit and overly clingy fabrics. I know this is a hot take, but I'm here for it.

  18. Her hair looks like it’s melting off from all of the bleach. She NEEDS to go back to her natural color!

  19. I feel like the first one could look a lot better with a different styling and…hair. The second one, is just terrible. It’s far too much going on. The print is cute on the dress, gloves, and boots, but separately as different pieces, not as one outfit. Those sunglasses look like she is about to take a dip in the pool.

  20. Second pic is giving Handmaids Tale vibes. I do love the dress…if it was just a normal cut. I think the print is beautiful.

  21. Who wears this 😆. No one’s real body looks like her surgically altered frame, why is she modeling these weird clothes!

  22. Fashion is so weird. Who’s actually out wearing any of this? I think the blue dress could be a cute gown if it didn’t have sleeves/gloves. Also, maybe I’m a hater but the glasses with a gown is atrocious imo.

  23. Is Balenciaga just trying to get us in sunglasses all the time. Winter campaign with the ugliest sunglasses. Stop!

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