1. Looks like a botched photoshop. So much effort for an insanely boring picture in a very confusing outfit for California in August.

  2. I swear that looks like the jacket Kanye had been wearing around for a while until he started wearing North’s child sized one

  3. crazy how there’s a car privacy port and she’s still opting to park in the most inconvenient place in the middle of the parking lot to walk like the most random distance possible.

  4. I feel like she posted it bc she knows this is a look pete likes and she wanted him to see it and want her. But deleted it after he saw it bc she didn’t actually want it shared.

  5. I miss their 'normal'/everyday outfits. How am I supposed to get outfit inspo from this, kimberly! I can't go to brunch in a cheap party wig and head to toe lycra 🥴

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