1. Caitlin always looks so hunched. It’s odd to me because I find that athletes (even former athletes) typically tend to have great posture.

  2. maybe its bc shes carrying extra weight around her chest she didn’t have for most of her life? idk but also she is 72 lol

  3. Ya the top certainly isnt flattering but also keep in mind she's 70 yr old woman that lived 95% of her life as male presenting, tbh this kinda looks like something my own mom would wear, but also my mom is a Normal retired 70 yr old woman not a karjenner, kris obviously proves you can look glam after 60, she's probably give great fashion advice to cait but after their marriage issues doubt she's even want to hear it

  4. Did anyone explain the dress code before this event? We have Corey in sweats, Caitlyn in Old Navy, and semi-formal on others.. 🧐

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