1. I don’t understand the constant body suits. Sooooooooo boring. Yawn. I would have so much fun with my outfits if I could afford a fully stocked designer closet

  2. Don’t ever want to defend them, but it was pretty cool and cloudy yesterday in LA. Hasn’t been super hot by the water at all. I can imagine at night it’s chilly (for California).

  3. Kylie looks good but also strange, it’s like her small head doesn’t match her body with all those enhancements. Khloe looks ok, I wonder if these women just never have to pee, cause imagine needing to go pee and having to take that off.

  4. I think the super long hair makes her head look even smaller but also agree that her head size doesn’t really compliment the super curvy features. I’ve always thought shoulder length hair worked best for Kylie.

  5. What’s going on with that top/dress? I thought it was a tie lol. Khloe’s legs looks so thin in the last photo, even in black.

  6. Yris holding Kylie hand for support, but her fiance is also there... Probably why Kylie brings Stormi to a lot of events. Does she want to go to these places?

  7. I’m sure Kylie has admitted she uses Stormi as a crutch/safety blanket when they go out in public? I think she’s super anxious to be filmed or photographed alone

  8. Kylie really needs to stop with all these body enhancement. In these unfiltered pap pics she looks so out of proportion and awk

  9. My question is: If all of this time , Khloe had allllll of the plastic surgery & “procedures” available to her for more than a decade, why did she do it now?

  10. She’s been working on weight loss for a very long time, including while with Lamar. There was the book, the weight loss show… I think she just realized one day that even with all the weight loss, she didn’t like the way she looked. Rather than seek help, she thought “well it must be because of my nose/boobs/whatever” and started going that route. She was getting filler, laser, and other more subtle things for years though. Several episodes showed visits to med spas and surgeons

  11. I hate spandex onesies so fucking much. It’s 80s Jane Fonda playing Sandy in community theater. Also, the coochie sweat around her voluminous poussah.

  12. Does Khloe wear underwear? Somehow hearing about her camel toe all the time the smelling each other’s vagina jokes and the fact Lamar or French saying she stinks down there makes me feel she’s really bad with vagina care.

  13. I can’t imagine going out and doing this shit with a newborn at home to snuggle. They really miss some of the important moments for inane crap like a Nobu dinner.

  14. Moms deserve breaks too. Not defending the karjenners, I just hate this narrative that moms should be home with their kids 24/7. We have lives outside of being moms.

  15. This is an unhealthy standard to push on new moms 🤗 everyone’s situation is different and sometimes a girl needs to pass that baby off to other hands so she doesn’t lose her mind. And it shouldn’t have to get that far, to the point of mental breakdown. Support new moms. Don’t berate them.

  16. Have Kylie’s implants “dropped” or is this how they should look? Something looks off and maybe after babies implants change? Genuinely curious as someone who is breastfeeding baby #2 and interested in getting implants since I will have pancake boobs once weaned 😞

  17. Literally no one in these photos looks, "emaciated." If anything, these pictures are showing that most of the Kardashian/Jenner girls actually aren't as thin as they appear to be on social media & posed photos.

  18. People are dogging Kylie in some subs but I think she looks fine? less pillow face than other times.. tbh. Khloe looks FAB.

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