1. Now that would be an act of marketing genius. Design a bottle that is specifically made to be turned into a bong. Make the alcohol a smokey taste, maybe have it infused with THC.

  2. I think so. But to be fair she doesn't really enjoy drinking alcohol. In that one Miami episode, she said she will drink if she can't taste the alcohol. Tequila is kind of one of those things that you either love it or hate it.

  3. Wait I’m a lil confused…is she releasing a tequila line or just a new flavor (if that’s what you call it lol idk) cause this event seems very excessive for a new product. They usually only go this big if it’s for a collection or whole new brand.

  4. I think this is a higher end addition to her brand, something that would compete with Don Julio 1942 and Clase Azul. Someone else in this thread said that the price point is $200 so if that’s true this is a “new chapter” for 818 I guess

  5. I have a feeling Kendall dropped ALOT of coins for this venture. She’s really trying to make this tequila a thing, I don’t drink, but all I hear about is casa migos and the standards patron etc.

  6. Agree. And honestly I haven’t seen it sold in many liquor stores in NYC area. I tried it and sorry the price point is not equivalent to that of Patron. She should knock the price by $10. It’s on par with Espolón

  7. I know… I actually rly like the bottle as a concept but I feel like in store I probably would be put off by the design bc it looks like there’s less volume if that makes sense??

  8. Out of all her sister brand campaigns she’s really stepping it up! Good for her, I’m glad she’s invested in something she likes!

  9. I think my favorite part is how she smiles with her product. She’s not trying to sell us on dead bedroom eyes. She actually looks passionate and energized about her tequila.

  10. I like Kendall’s bag. I’m tired of the mini Prada hobos, especially the bedazzled ones. One of my high school friends once called someone’s nylon Prada pochette a “free Lancôme gift bag” c. 2003 and I can’t unsee it & have never liked any of those small Prada bags since. The asymmetric design makes hers a little different though.

  11. i wish 818 had baby bottles to try it out. i’m not a tequila fan but my boyfriend and some friends are and i wanna know how they feel about it. i can’t justify buying a whole bottle but i would def buy a baby bottle to try

  12. Whenever I see them with a group of friends, I’m always reminded about how very basic their circle is. Just a bunch of boring rich kids without style and without note. Those are their peers and it blows my damn mind

  13. Taco Renelle and Asap Nast are hella talented in their fields. Renelle is an amazing photographer/art director and she works with the best

  14. Mama Kris needs to stop w/ the xtraa long trenches! Spring and rainy weather I totally get the appeal but this 24/7 mafia job look isn’t it 🥱

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