1. In the third picture , she barely has a leg😭. It's so tiny and thin compared to her butt💀 Thighs are still definitely not matching.

  2. It looks absolutely disproportionate. I mean her oversized butt always looked like it doesn’t really belong there, but now it’s especially visible.

  3. Can she wear something normal for once. Just like a cute pencil skirt and and pretty top. Something more of jlos style. Why the spandex all the time ? Good Grief

  4. I hope halters are on their way back in. I look great in them, but finding cute ones and a good bra have been hard since they weren't in

  5. I think her hair is so damaged she can't dye it back. She's going to have to let it grow out for a few more months and then maybe get extensions matching the roots?

  6. Do we think there’s actually anything in the teeny tiny handbag? It’s smaller than her phone! Regardless, that’ll now be all the rage undoubtedly.

  7. They’re in. They’re so back in. So are shoulder bags from the 2000s. I feel super old because my mini orange Coach shoulder bag is now considered vintage. Its lil pockets fit my Motorola cell phone perfectly. I can’t even find it on eBay to show!! I still have it though so maybe I’ll whip it out. I miss having a phone that worked perfectly with it though lol

  8. Damn, she’s giving off cracked out hooker vibes that will do anything for attention-is Tana Mongeau her new inspiration 👀🤣

  9. Kimberly Ann you are boring the entire world to death. You look like shit, your hair is fried, you look like a power ranger. It’s sad. You’re in your 40s. Stop it.

  10. Not a Kim fan but damn, this is too much. People critique her for being vain and obsessed by looks and then mock her for some fried hair. At 40 a woman is still young, come on

  11. Hahaha she looks a completely different shape in number 3 her waist and thighs seem to have magically grew from the last 2 pics 😳😂

  12. Open letter to Kim K, aka “PUSS IN BOOTS” looks like you just getting off a double at WURK, Pole Dancing Club!! When are you gonna realize how Baddd that nappy ass, stringy looking Fake hair looks? Split ends for Dayyyyyz! You already have gorgeous Real hair so wtf? And this wardrobe….🤔🤔?? Omgosh I’m distracted, what was I jst saying 😂 Just change your clothes every now & then Puss. And go back to your OG hair bc it was really pretty. What are you doing Puss???? Hopefully this phase will all pass soon for you. But I ain’t Never forgiving you for how you used Pete. Never 👎

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