1. Someday in the near future we will only be able to recognize khloe by her balloon ass. Her face is going to be completely unrecognizable. Why doesn’t her surgeons just say no? Is there no one in her life who cares enough to have an intervention.

  2. Here we sweating in the normally rainy, cloudy and mild Pacific Northwest with a stifling hot and muggy 97° day yesterday and these women are in hot ass California in head to toe leather. I cannot 🥵🙅🏻‍♀️

  3. I think I like Good American best out of the girls business ventures. They have a positive body message to a wide variety of women and the clothes are also stylish. I saw an interview Khloe did awhile back and she said that when she was larger, the clothing fit her were in the plus size section and that the clothes were usually not stylish or trendy. I think it's cool she relates to that problem and is bringing more variety of styles to all sizes. Kudos to her and Emma.

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