1. We shouldnt be comparing babies to each other or making comments like this at all. The adult sisters compete with each other enough the babies shouldn’t have to follow suit

  2. she dresses her daughter the most appropriate. meanwhile theres kylie dressing stormi in outfits youd find in fashion nova.

  3. i agree. my first instinct is nope. don’t be showing your baby off to your millions of followers & millions of people across the world who look at gossip sites. statistics say there will be a sicko among them that likes looking at little girls. better to show the cute pics to your family & friends you can trust only. but i’m paranoid like that

  4. Unpopular opinion but I wish people would stop dressing up their babies and posting all over social media. There are some fucking gross humans in this world. Protect your babies.

  5. this is an unpopular opinion? if that’s so, then wtf. people really need to be more cautious & only share pics of their kids with people they trust. we don’t think gross things like the bad people do, but there are plenty of really awful people out there who do think gross things. protecting our kids is our job

  6. poor true. the sheer komodification is just gross — keep these photos in your own phone reel or just share it to your group chats! the world doesn’t need to know you’re setting up your daughter the same way your mom set you up.

  7. yep keep em to your personal group chats. don’t share em to the world! komodification.. so sad & yeah that looks like what she’s doing

  8. this is so cute and something i would put my daughter in ( minus the LV bag 😭) I love when people let little girls just be little girls 💕

  9. So cute! Do you think Khloe does her hair? I know Kylie mentioned she does stormi’s hair, but I can’t imagine Khloe doing hair with those nails

  10. I am reminded of an old quote by a famous person, Pimpin is pimpin is pimpin. -katt williams Khloe is workin on her franchise player, True. She will never do to her what Kris did to Khloe. Pimpin is pimpin is pimpin.

  11. For some reason, it never really occurred to me until I saw these pics that True is the child of 2 really fucking tall people and is most likely going to be tall af.

  12. This is in line with all the recent speculation. They parade their daughters and protect their sons. In no universe it is ok to post your child’s outfit check for the 100 million followers you have.

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