1. Unflushed urinal aside (🤮) This hair length really suits her & love the pop of colour with the coat! Probably my fav look that she’s done in months!

  2. love this hair length and her and love the coat!! she pulls off statement pieces with ease and i hope she sticks to with this style again. her and p in their preppy/laidback eras would be such a vibe now p is older!!

  3. She definitely is the most interesting to look at rn. I am here for this Kourtney era where she looks happy, serves looks and gives us some random content beyond tequila and swimwear.

  4. Nah I saw the same thing and you know I zoomed in to see. Furthermore is the trench wrapped up to conceal something …🤔 Ima mind mines and wait it out but I see what you see lol

  5. YES!!! This!!!! I was literally going to say this but didn’t want the hate lmao. She’s definitely got something going. Food baby? Regular baby? Angle? Who knows 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. This is the best she has looked in a long time. However... Her hair has been awful lately. Sorry not sorry.

  7. She started dressing well as soon as the wedding was over. Was she wearing Dolce almost exclusively when she wasn't in Travis's clothes?

  8. I’m happy Kourtney is happy… but NGL, I feel like she’s not being her authentic self. She’s trying to be this cool rockstar then girlfriend now wife… just not buying this shift in image lol. But she looks good in these pics…I’ve also always like Travis from back when he was on Meet the Barkers lol

  9. She should stay out of the men’s bathroom. It’s not edgy. If Travis was taking pics in the women’s room, it wouldn’t be cool.

  10. Kourtney searched "grunge punk gf aesthetic" into tumblr, found an edgy pic in a public bathroom, and hasn't looked back since

  11. Ok she actually looks great and they really seem like a sweet couple. Can't say the same for Kylie and Travis Soreneck

  12. The first picture looks so off to me, either photoshop or the angle but if you zoom in the top of the corset (above the belt) totally does not line up with her stomach below the belt.

  13. Why are y'all so fixated on this woman's stomach?? Liti, get a hobby that doesn't involve nitpicking a woman's body and reproductive system.

  14. They are newly weds for starters. She also has money to do whatever whenever so why not go and support him? She also hasn't been with him.thenwhole time. Pretty sure this is the last stop of the tour.

  15. OK the first picture, she looks 17, I almost thought this was a throwback photo from high school! She looks amazing and I realize it’s a little longer hair on Kourtney that makes her look fresh! She looks great

  16. Love this hair length on her! The super short hair was not sexy and felt very Mom-bob (spoken from a Mom who has experienced the Mom-bob).

  17. Not me thinking it was only the first picture and I thought "dang Kourt is looking good", only to realize seconds later that there were more pictures including one with an unflushed urinal on it 😭

  18. Welp. Time to start wearing overalls and taking pictures in front of urinals again 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Who the fuck does a photo shoot next to some grimy urinals… other than that she looks amazing, and hopefully this means that the old stylish Kourt is returning to us.

  20. Finally a color other than punk rocker black lol. Hey for those who have followed Travis’s book and his documented cheating- did he give a timeline for when he cheated on his partners? Like a couple months in? Or no? Just curious when to expect this to unravel

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