1. remember when Kimberly gave Steph a Hermes Kelly Mini and Steph said, “'This is so crazy,' she said, getting emotional as she admitted she was thinking of buying a knock off. 'Don't cry, just wear it in good health,' said Kim,” 🙃

  2. I think that there's a lot of people who are considered "rich" that buy knockoffs. The quality of them are becoming better and in some cases, it really takes a trained eye to spot the difference. A few years ago, I was at a flea market in New Haven. One of the vendors was selling obviously fake Marmot and North Face coats. He went to his van and bought out a better quality for me to choose from so I scooped them up. On the way home, a thought occurred to me that a lot of rich people probably do the same.

  3. Yes! My in-laws live in a very wealthy neighborhood and their neighbor admitted that she wears knockoff bags. But she also drives a Lamborghini so everyone assumes her bags are real.

  4. that makes a lot of sense tbh. it sounds surprising to some but a lot of celebs actually buy really good fake items instead of paying crazy amounts such as $200k for a bag. on top of that the kjs use the church for tax purposes… they do a lot of stuff to keep their money safe secretly yet a lot of posts on this sub are like oh they’re so careless oh they’ll be broke tomorrow 🤭 the more you know

  5. If it is true it would be so embarrassing for them. However, anyone can make a fake comment on Reddit, so it is not from the most trustable source...

  6. Exactly. BUT, something I would really like answered…who is buying 100K+ bags online from the Kardashians? Doesn’t make sense.

  7. Kris literally is a pimp and a gangster. Desperate to keep up the lifestyle, she portrays this innocent mother but she ain’t! And idc if this ain’t true there’s plenty of things she’s done that could make it very possible.

  8. Hermès has reported issues with “super fakes”; bags so technically similar to their own even their experienced crafts people can’t tell the difference between authentic and fake handbags. Moreover, the huge number of bags they own suggests to me that rather than obtaining them directly from store they are buying them from reselling sites. In general I would not be willing to part with $110,000 for something that was not authenticated by multiple sources (you could even get the bag spa’ed at Hermès as a sort of. “authenticity check”) but there’s always a shadow of doubt unless it’s a brand new bag from the atelier.

  9. One of the Kardashian’s received tons of products from a brand and tried returning it to a major retailer. My thought was - why not give it to your makeup artist if you don’t want it? You’re literally trying to return free gifted makeup for a refund? Like I’m sorry, that is so trashy. This story does not shock me.

  10. There’s also some YouTube videos about Kim and Kylie having Britney Spears’ 600 million (which has bounced around, since she gained freedom, but was under Lou Taylor’s financial place), there’s more, but I can’t remember, but it even has Kardashian’s listed on Spears’ court papers. I can grab a link.

  11. I don’t think they would sell a fake. If someone can afford to buy a 40k bag from their website i’m sure they are rich enough to spot a fake when they receive it. Im sure they would wear a fake tho

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