1. An almost billionaire who can’t dress is TRAGIC! She could hire the biggest fashion houses in the world to make her custom EVERYTHING!! Instead, her style gives Fashion Nova and Shein. Period.

  2. 🤣 It was way worse back in the day. I think she has improved a lot during the last 2 years her stylists are doing a good job. Her own taste is questionable though. I think she also wanted to fit in with people her age when she was a bit younger so that’s why she was into the Adidas and bbl fashion trends a lot

  3. Right?!?!? I‘ve never been a fan but wasn’t she having a liiitle bit of an alt styling when she was younger? I think she’ll look 100% better if she‘d wear some different stuff from time to time.

  4. I’m with you!!! These are definitely more on the high fashion/artsy side. I could see her style evolving and going more high fashion starting with the LaCroix, Laquan Smith and love the Juun.J. I wish she would definitely go more in the editorial direction after she killed that TMRW mag shoot

  5. You’re right. I don’t love all the looks you have but the kardashian’s as a whole don’t have great style on their own. And over the last few years they basically all dress the same or a version of the same thing. They have so much money and access to killer designers but choose to be monochromatic poots 90% of the time.

  6. My reaction too lol. I'm sure Kylie likes what she wears. I wouldn't wear what she wears but I don't see why she should change to please me

  7. Let’s be honest, if Kylie wore any of these y’all would still come for her calling it ugly, because honestly it is, those all look awful to me, I prefer her thot style.

  8. I mean, if she was going to a fashion show or actually walk then yeah. But for everyday life? That would just be too tryhard, some looks are meant for the catwalk and editorials only

  9. She would look goofy in these, she can't pull this kind of thing off. Kendall probably could though. Kourtney maybe.

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