1. I don't know much about her or the situation but she already bothers me. Also, you know she's on this sub constantly so, hey Ro !

  2. Low key worried about our queen ibeendrakein because I haven’t seen or heard about her in a hot minute, or read any recent dives, I hope she’s okay and she didn’t get Kris’d 😭

  3. Im so glad you linked this; she definitely seems pressed but I wanted to read all the info before jumping to konclusions 😂😂

  4. Wait I thought the deep dive proved that ro and travis had been together for years, not that they hadn't. Guess I need to read again, gotdamn adhd

  5. I don’t doubt she has/had been messing with Travis for years…but I don’t nor will I ever buy that they’re soulmates or some shit. Dudes like that have LOADS of girls they’re flying out to everything and keeping on speed dial. We just don’t know about them like we do her 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. That is so embarrassing for her. Fighting over a man who did not choose her? A man who needs to load for two weeks before he can lift his head up? A man who throws himself against doors and damages property? And instead of coming for him, she’s coming for someone she doesn’t know on her birthday?

  7. ok so I was being a little chismosa rn and she’s still playing up the “Travis is a clown for not being with Ro” cause she follows a random ass Ro fan account I think she made and uses hashtags with Kylie and Travis’ name 😭😭😭😭😭

  8. There’s like one comment a week on here that makes me guffaw and this week you’re it. Thank you for the hilarious observation.

  9. That igxlsaxr chick is on it. Ro deserved to be called out like that. The hypocrisy of her calling that user obsessed over someone she doesn’t know, when that was what Ro’s original comment was doing to the Kardashians. Also, as a rule, people who reply to something with “yup.” are 9/10 the one saying something stupid or wrong.

  10. lmao ofc people are gonna say that’s Kylie 😒 straw man argument at its finest. Ro deserved to get dragged like that when she’s been dick riding that conspiracy theory for the longest of time, bruh.

  11. Oh poor Ro, she was in over her head. Could not anticipate the thoroughness of Reddit receipts and deep dives 😈

  12. Does this girl even hang out with rappers and shit, or is she some obsessed fan girl who just posts shit online to make it seem like her life is like that?

  13. Nah, i can’t stand her. I don’t doubt she’s hooked up with Travis once or twice but she’s clearly using it to try and get famous lol. She’s legit obsessed with him and kylie she’s scary lol

  14. I wonder if she's a legitimate stalker? She has to be obsessed with Travis to some degree to do what she does. And she also has to know where he is and who he's with so she can make her crazy posts. Scary shit honestly

  15. She seems like it. She wants everyone to think her and Travis had some kind of side chick/love triangle thing going on but it’s all made up in her head and she’s never actually been with him.

  16. I honestly don’t even know why anyone buys into her delusion. People really just want to hate an Travis and Kylie and will pull at any string

  17. it’s the lack of self awareness from the fan to tell her she has screws loose and “it’s clear I struck a few nerves of yours” 😵‍💫😵‍💫 and it’s never that serious to try and doxx someone/expose their place of work

  18. Am I the only one who thinks that igxlsaxr user needs to chill? Like who really cares that much? If Ro wants to make people think she's with Travis and it gets her attention, let her do it. Maybe she was hooking up with Travis for a while, maybe not - but I like the drama of it so t me it's not that big of a deal. People act like it's some horrible thing but then if it bothers you then don't pay attention! I read her deep dive like a novela and I loved every second.

  19. People need to get a life. Imagine being so obsessed with a family that doesn’t even know you that you’re defending them against another stranger online 😆

  20. I didn’t even know this person existed till now. Her Instagram is so embarrassing. She is not cute at all either. Yikes.

  21. I'm not even sorry, I love how easily Ro gets under KK and KJ skin. Just by existing. Chaney will come up against the same hate soon. Just by existing as someone Ye was with, any post she makes of being spoilt will be blasted

  22. I honestly still don't know if this girl lied or not, all I know is I felt bad for her when she said people bullied her to the point of her relationship ending bcus of all the rumors :D

  23. I feel bad for RO. Travis truly isn’t worth it and she so desperately want to be acknowledged by him. I think it’s evident she’s being led on but it’s sad. I like her and wish she’d just move on cause it’s not worth being played over

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