1. I can see that. I also think she’s had her body done. I’m all for doing whatever makes you feel more confident but not if in that same breath you’re going to shame others for doing the same thing (i.e. all her shade towards KJs)

  2. I honestly wish everyone would just stop giving her the attention she clearly wants. No more posts ab her, she’s irrelevant af. I feel like having her in this sub gives her that high that makes her think she’s still intertwined in this Kardashian/high celeb life. If we all stopped talking ab her she would fade into the void.

  3. Exactly this. I nearly called her my least favourite person in the KJ cinematic universe but I realised that association is just what she wants.

  4. The thing that puzzles me the most about her pics is how every face is so different. In one she might have a tiny head and too big for her face features…the next her face is long af and melting. Some pics the surgery looks muted and the next it’s like she inflated herself. She needs to find a facetune regimen and stick to it.

  5. what’s crazy is that the after pic is still edited to death 🧍🏽‍♀️🧍🏽‍♀️🧍🏽‍♀️🧍🏽‍♀️ she don’t look like this either!! where’s that lipstick alley post where they showed what she truly looks like

  6. Fucking SAME. When she started popping up in the media that began my descend into the REAL tea behind celebrities lol

  7. It’s PUBERTY DUH LOL! 😂 Ugh unpopular opinion…I fucking love her! I do wish she’d stop doing shit to her face. They have some weird competition shit going lol If you look at Kylie’s early change, it kinda mimicked RO’s early looks (before she did all this shit) but then they both just kept going and now look 40. Sad because she’s so beautiful. I will give her the credit to say she has answered a fans question about plastic surgery so maybe she’s coming clean lol

  8. She definitely is naturally beautiful! I loved her shady bs at first but at this point it’s tired. Travis’s soul is in Kris’s Birkin. They’re not running away into the sunset together.

  9. Uhhh I saw her talk about getting work done on her ig one day lol. She didn’t say, “I HAD THIS DONE!” But, she was honest about her knowledge and was obviously speaking from experience. She didn’t try to hide it at all

  10. Like what? Like I said in a previous comment. I’ve followed her since 2019….and having/sharing knowledge of procedures doesn’t mean you’re admitting to them. She’s supposedly in med school, I’d hope she’d know.

  11. I’m 50/50. She has said she lasers her hairline so maybe that’s why it looks weird. The only thing I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt on lol.

  12. I mean 1. I never said anyone here said that. I am saying SHE says that and 2. I’ve been following her for 3 years…she’s admitted to nothing besides “slight” nose filler and maybe a little cheek.

  13. Does being anti-kardashian mean she didn’t have any work done? Did she say this or did something prove this explicitly?

  14. Okay but when did she say she had no work done? Maybe she did. And that’s every persons right. As a kinda sorta maybe kar Jenner boyfriend adjacent, did she lie about her procedures? Does it really matter to us if she did, knowing Kylie has lied about her multiple cosmetic procedures? Or are we just ripping down another woman?

  15. i’m 💯 scared!!!! she’s like that nightmare with giant humongous lips and weird eyes. don’t get me wrong, it’s her body but i wouldn’t want to see her in my dreams. and this is coming from a huge michael jackson fan

  16. When I briefly followed her she had multiple stories about her plastic surgeries and advice on how to choose good surgeons, etc. so this is an extremely false post

  17. When? Prove it and I’ll classify this as an “extremely false post”. I’ve followed her for a couple years now. Hi Rojean ;)

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