1. I actually believe this. I know people are accusing Kim of trashing Pete or throwing him under the bus but I don’t believe that for a second. Yes she’s controlling and very intentional with her PR machine but even at Kanye‘s worst she never trash him publicly. I don’t think for a second she would do it for Pete. From what she has said from her own mouth he’s a very thoughtful sweet caring guy. I doubt anything that horrible happen for her to change her mind and for her to trash him publicly. Plus it would make her look just as bad. I don’t think she would probably say anything bad about Pete other than they’re clearly a different stages in their life. And just very different people. I do believe that she would protect him and say nothing but kind things about him. Same for Pete. Considering how suicidal he was after Ariana‘s break up in his mental health I’m sure Kim is sensitive to that.

  2. She herself didn't openly trash him but I don't recall her going public about defending anything either. Her camp fed the tabloids and Kanye didn't help with his outbursts but what other avenue could he have chose when the K's control the outlets? One thing is certain....she sure jumped to Pete's defense with the quickness and that's so quick after the article that subtly shaded him. They HAVE to stay on positive about Pete. There's too many powerful people that has his back. All he has to do is stay mute.

  3. I’ve had enough of Kanye’s shit. I used to be able to look the other way but this behaviour is unacceptable, just imagine what this man would have been like behind closed doors. 🚩🚩🚩🚩

  4. i still remember that scene where kim was trying on the mugler MET gala corset dress and kanye got mad at her, saying that he was upset that she was looking sexy for other men. i can’t believe that even made it on air and she had to defend herself calmly to him as he walked away. same with the whole bandaid situation and him being jealous/upset that she paid more attention to the kids. even from those two clips, i can’t believe she tried to make it work with him for so long…

  5. I personally feel like Ye was just making a joke & him referencing Skeet was just the character he invented for the person dating his ex wife. It was more that Skeet is dead & now he’s just Pete again. But in typical Kanye fashion he presents it in the worst possible way knowing damn well how everyone gonna react & he gets attention for whatever he about to release. I don’t think anyone is actually “livid” bc now both Kim & Pete are sympathetic figures & folks won’t be talking about who broke up with who & instead gonna be talking about how much of an asshole Ye is

  6. Interesting that this article and dailymail mention that kim will “protect Pete”, as if she knows that she can’t afford to have Pete to have a mental breakdown or anything. We can’t have another Ariana situation, I would hate that for both parties

  7. I don’t think Pete is scared of Kanye. And last time Kanye did this, most people were on Pete’s side. With Ariana, he received a lot of vitriol which contributed to his breakdown. Maybe I’m being too cynical but this narrative is more about portraying Kim as the hero than anything else.

  8. Where would that get her? Kanye would just post more harassment like he did last time she spoke out. If she messages him he will probably post her texts and laugh at her like he did last time.

  9. What if Pete is in on it. It seems like he doesn’t have anything to lose from Kanye talking about him publicly. It’s like Eminem rapping about you in the early 2000s. Take it as a compliment and ride the wave.

  10. Except people were literally threatening to shoot him in the face last time Kanye was posting about him ..yes he can "joke" about it and make people laugh but whose going to be laughing when an obsessed Kanye fan does choose violence ??

  11. You literally said she has been lenient with Kanye so far, what else is she going to do send more fake bad stories about him to blogs and have them post it, if she was smart she would know Kanye doesn’t care how is perceived.

  12. She’s loving this! More views and her name in the posts/ articles.. good/ bad new is money worth! YE just helping paying the bills ! I just keep hearing “ This is my life, it’s not just a tv show.. so I’m thinking all the sisters are going to say they dumped their men but IRL they all engaged/ happy!

  13. I think Kim loves it, and all of the stans on here are the perfect example of why. Every time the public perception of her slides back towards sympathetic “victim” of crazy Kanye, that’s energy that has shifted away from the thousands of reasons why the public is put off by her behavior on the daily lol. Also very skeptical of the narrative that Kim has zero sway over Kanye’s behavior, the family’s media control is next level and we will always hear the spin that they want us to hear. Kanye could do much worse than a fake NYT headline, but he always stays in the territory of “provocative,” he never exposes anything that is actually damning.

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